At-Large Candidates

Since citizens throughout the entire city will have the opportunity to cast their votes for the At-Large candidate they feel is most qualified, we thought we would post the candidates’ credentials per their websites and other sources. After we stripped off all the fluff, here’s what significant education and experience we have gleaned. We would like to assume “worked” means the candidate applied for the job, was on the payroll and didn’t just volunteer, but we are not sure in all cases. Inquiring minds want to know.

Steve Vermillion

* 1977 – Bachelors Degree, Aeronautics: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, GPA 3.96
* 1983 – Master of Science Equivalent Management: US Army Command and General Staff College
* 1987 – Master of Business Administration: Saint Martin’s College, GPA 3.85
* 1992 – Postgraduate Study: Management / Organizational Theory, University of Washington
* 1999 – Cascade Executive Management Program, University of Washington
* 2000 – Strategic Leadership for State Executives, Duke University

*1967 – Joined the military to fly helicopters.
*Graduated helicopter flight school in the top ten percent and went on to attend the aviation medical course for Dustoff pilots.
*1969 – At age 20, served as an Aircraft Commander of an unarmed Dustoff Helicopter in Vietnam. Awarded Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal—30 Oak Leaf Clusters and “V” device.
*1970, received a direct commission from Warrant Officer 2 to 1st Lieutenant.
*Completed nearly 26 years of military service, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Stationed throughout the United States, Germany and Vietnam.
*1993-2003 – Worked for the State of Washington for ten years as a Program Manager, Forest Tax Section, Department of Revenue.
*Worked six years as a government contractor at Ft. Lewis.
*Adjunct instructor for ten years, teaching graduate courses in Aviation Human Factors for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
*Certified to teach undergraduate human resource management for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
*Published author, penning many articles for professional magazines with first book published in 2003 with a sequel nearing completion.
*Opened his own publishing company, Wild N’ Woolly Publishing, to publish and market his book(s).
*President of Vietnam Dustoff Association, President of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society NW Chapter, Board Member Washington Chapter, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, Life Member of the VFW, VVA, and member of American Legion.
*Works part time for local Martin Henry Coffee as their operations manager.
*2011 opened a new company, Trailer Safety Systems, with it main focus on trailer safety—presently in the design and development stages.

Nicole Martineau

*Attended Aylen Jr. High School
*Attended Puyallup High School and received Top Twenty Senior award
*Attended Pierce College and was Vice President for Government Concerns of the Associated Student Body
*Graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

* Former participant in the Daffodil Parade.
* At 16 years of age worked at Fred Meyers, bagging groceries, collecting shopping carts, and helping customers to their cars.
* Worked in management for the same company for five years in various locations, most recently at the Puyallup South Hill Mall.
* Worked for the MD Association planning events and raising funds.
* For about the last 4 years has worked as a part-time Para-educator in the Puyallup School District. Records show yearly hours extremely low.
* Appointed to the Puyallup City Council in 2010 to fill the District I position vacated due to the death of the 2009 elected member, George Dill.

Chris McNutt

*Attended Aylen Jr High School
*Attended Puyallup High School and participated in the Strategic Games Club

*Worked at Summit Trading stocking shelves while in high school.
*Worked for a small kiosk in the South Hill Mall and after becoming “Manager”, supervised three other employees.
*Helped run a coffee shop in downtown Seattle’s Pike Place Market.
*Was recruited to manage and run a series of coffee stores being started by a well off carpet cleaning service owner.
*Worked at Matsushita Semiconductor (Panasonic) microchip plant on South Hill (behind what is now Bradley Lake Park) until the plant was closed by the parent company in Japan.
*1998 began work selling computer hardware and software for a company out of Renton then named Multiple Zones International (now Zones Inc.) Less then two years in, he was recruited by the corporate sales force.
Remains at Zones, Inc. as a successful corporate rep managing the accounts of some of the biggest and most well known companies in the world.



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2 responses to “At-Large Candidates

  1. When you lay it out like that, it looks like I need to brag more. I’ll add and reformat some of the web content, but in the mean time, is there anything that you would like to know?

  2. This year we have many more correct choices than incorrect among my peers seeking public service. Those among us who are chosen will assume the burden of responsibility and the privilege of service that comes with your trust. We need to be the shining example of effectiveness, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility that all other communities look to and aspire to become.

    Please read more at…

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