The 2011 Election is a Major Crossroad for Voters

Think of what life might be like with the “Turner Tong” removed from the council beginning in January 2012.  Life could become banal and boring. 

It is no secret that Turner has removed herself from future political races due to a long list of scandals which would be impossible for even her most die-hard followers to accept. Brouillet could not fumble through a council meeting without her seeing-eye dog to cue up every word of each memorable flubbed motion or report. Martineau is another comic act that can’t be missed. She tries so hard to throw her weight around and bully her constituents, never to be deterred by the truth or facts.  

Boyle is playing his own game trying to formulate his base for a run at the mayor’s position earlier than scheduled. The beneficiary of 11th hour dirty tricks in the last campaign, he too like Turner can also manipulate the rules as mayor to solidify his chances of re-election in 2013. He needs Martineau and Palmer elected as his base to negate the Hansen-Knutsen citizen-friendly coalition. 

So, the election later this year could be considered a referendum on Puyallup Council and City Hall’s future for some time to come. The choice is simple. A continuation of the status quo with Boyle replacing Turner as its dictator who rules in defiance of public good (supported by a cadre of Turner hand picked potted plants).  Or does the public prefer a set of individuals who will serve the public’s best interest rather than their own.    

The right choices will hopefully make 2012 very sedate to local political junkies. A Boyle-Martineau-Palmer-Pasquier bloc would make the era of $100M of unapproved debt, “Subway Towers”, landfill settlements, bogus real estate transactions, misguided lost litigation and other deplorable incidents, seem like the good-ole-days.

Banal and boring would be preferred. 

Dave Churchman



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2 responses to “The 2011 Election is a Major Crossroad for Voters

  1. Robert Lord

    Although the lame ducks, Turner and Malloy are on their way to political “Glory Land”, there are still elements of this council which present just as much of a threat to citizen rights as Turner and her cronies did. Namely, Martineau and Boyle as well as possible candidates who could join them on the council.

    Citizens should take note and be aware that there are still forces lurking about in Puyallup which would take political advantage of the citizens through favorable influence on a corrupt council. The potential for mischief exists because there are individuals who see opportunity in easy pickings of public tax dollars.

    The best course of action to preserve honest and open government is to insist on strict accountability by our representatives and pay close attention to what they are doing at all times.

    There are still a few holdovers from the McLean regime that continue to defy the citizens will. Their employment and association with the city of Puyallup should be terminated immediately.

    • Dave Churchman

      You are correct Bob. Last week, the coven held firm in their fight against any concert events being held at Bradley Park or DeCoursey Parks in the near term. A whole string of lame excuses were given by the coordinated action of Turner, Martineau and their “glove puppet”.

      Excuses included funding, parking, food, even the fact that the summer program had already been printed. I’m surprised the smell of fish was not used. But that could have backfired.

      Under no circumstances should one entertainment opportunity or dollar be moved away from Pioneer Park where the Mayor and her property tax evading neighbours (Deal, Inderbitzen, Nelson, Hulsmann et al) can pontificate from their condo balconies while getting wasted.

      At no time was the Mayor’s private slush fund ever mentioned as a source (the Hotel-Motel tax fund). It is for tourism entertainment after all. That fund had to be protected for the benefit of Valley Arts who still need to be caressed for supporting the mayor with money and schmoozing opportunities.

      Why give the electorate entertainment when those tax dollars can be spent on yet more Gallery and Arts events with complimentary booze and hors doeuvres for Turner and Martineau (paid for by local peasants).

      I hope voters in District 3 and District 1 recognize that Martineau has sold her soul to Turner in preference to benefitting their districts. Why ? – Turner is her de facto campaign manager.

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