Letter: City Hall Figures Don’t Add Up

Recent figures show that each employee has a whopping 732 square feet.

By comparison this is double Olympia’s ratio in size,and three times theirs in cost per employee.  Typical nice offices are normally approximately 150 square feet.  The conclusion should be obvious to anyone.

This issue has been put on the back burner since the majority of Council refused to even study moving the Court house. No progress has been made since then.
Surely we could reconfigure services to eliminate the $150,000 we spend annually in flash cube rent. Surely we could consolidate and sell surplus property. Why isn’t saving money a priority during times of shortages?

John Hopkins

District 1



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3 responses to “Letter: City Hall Figures Don’t Add Up

  1. Dave Churchman

    This time last year, $40M City Hall housed just 65 employees. The City Manager said he was consolidating for efficiency and moving additional employees to City Hall. Today, that number has jumped beyond our wildest dreams to 68. Great work !
    Who are these 3 “consolidated” staffers ? I bet they are the 3 downstairs who ask if you “want six inches or a footlong”.

    • Jeff Moss

      My understanding is there are about 300 staff. Were are the other 232 located?

      • Dave Churchman

        A rough guess would be
        Library 17
        Police Department 60 +
        Public Works on 39th – quite a lot
        Sanitation near River Road – a few more
        Muni Court – 3
        Rec Center – ?
        Cemetery – ?
        So the question is, why build such a large expensive city hall if most of these guys were never planned to occupy it ?
        Its an icon to the Turner Dynasty of tax and waste.

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