Despite Logic, Martineau, Boyle, Turner, Brouillet Vote Down 7 PM and 6:30 PM Start Time

Once again, despite vocal criticism against the 6 PM start time, council members Martineau, Boyle, Turner, and Brouillet voted against changing it back to 7 PM.  Then, in a last ditch effort to compromise by Councilmember Knutsen to 6:30 PM, those four again voted it down.

There was no discussion from any of the dissenters to why they want 6 PM.  So, we have no idea why they would like to keep the 6 PM time.

Remember this in November when you are voting.  Of the four who voted opposite of what the citizens want, only Councilmember Martineau is running.  A vote against her is a vote for a citizen government.



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9 responses to “Despite Logic, Martineau, Boyle, Turner, Brouillet Vote Down 7 PM and 6:30 PM Start Time

  1. Dave Churchman

    I think it was the remarkable speech given by Chris Taylor, the perennial losing candidate, who swayed the new gang of four. They must have been impressed by his self promoting string of credentials and glorification.

    Odd that he proposed the sessions be moved to 5PM and that everyone could watch it on TV at their leisure. His rationale was Tacoma has theirs at 5PM. I agree, I would not wish to leave Tacoma’s building after dark particularly if Taylor was typical of the caliber of law and safety protection.

    Does that now mean that we no longer need council chambers and it will be telecast from Bumpys at Happy Hour ?

    I’ll drink to that !

  2. Well it seems that we the people of puyallup have once again been omitted from being heard. It dreally doesnt matter what the citizens of puyallup want it only matters to the council members that find it convenient for their schedule. I will certainly keep that in mind come november when I vote for my councilmember in dist. 2.
    Debbie Carling

  3. Robert Lord

    Is anyone really surprised by the defiant “no vote” by Martineau, Turner, Brouilette and Boyle? They turned the corner of ludicrous behavior when they blindly turned their backs on the very citizens that they are pledged to serve. Martineau has been doing it since she took office beginning with her farce of a performance during the appointment process and continues to demonstrate her contempt for the very concepts of public service.

    Turner continues to give her best interpretation of council member, Jeanne Harris, of the Vancouver, Wa city council with direction to police to remove Mr Stanzil during a recent council meeting.

    Tami’s facial expression, during the vote to reject the 7PM start time, was worth a thousand words. Her face exuded a mixture of contempt, derision, and triumph, all directed at the citizens in attendance.

    Martineau demonstrated her small mindedness and contempt for the citizens present. But she did follow her direction from Turner well.

    Mr. Boyle is a puzzle. At times he demonstrates a thoughtfulness on some issues but when Ms. Martineau’s ideas are rejected by citizens or other council members he quickly comes to her aid. One would think he sees himself as her defender. Why would he be willing to sacrifice his ethics to support a position that has no support other than from the 4 members that voted for it?

    As a group, during the vote to reject, they reminded me of the Mayor of Mt. Vernon, Wa. who in 2010 was spurned and vilified by 17000 citizens of his city when they opposed his attempt to present the keys of the city to radio show host, “Glen Beck”. Dispite an ugly atmosphere at a city council meeting and rejection by the entire city council and a presentation of 17000 signatures of citizens rejecting the proposed presentation, the Mayor stood up with arms folded across his chest and defied the council and citizens present. Not unlike what took place at our own council meeting Tuesday evening.

    Remember these images when you vote for council positions in November. Of the 5 open positions Martineau is the only incumbent running. She was appointed to George Dill’s District 1 seat, and set about alienating her constituency. She isn’t bothering to run for her present District 1 position because she knows she wouldn’t stand a chance of being elected. So what makes her believe she can be elected to fill Kathy Turner’s seat? Turner’s help and money connections won’t be enough because Turner’s stock in this town is toast.

    Mr. Steve Vermillion is also running for the at-large seat on the council. He is a mature, thoughtful gentleman who doesn’t seem to have any questionable alliances on the council and appears ready to serve the public, something four members on the present council have lost sight of.

  4. Robert Lord

    During the “citizen comment” period of the May 17,2011 city council meeting, Mr. Chris Taylor presented a rambling, incoherant attempt at rebuttal of citizens who spoke supporting the 7PM start time.

    His main theme seemed to be that the same citizens who worked to bring about televising of council meetings also were supporting the 7PM start time. Both good things if you are a proponent of open and honest transparency in government. Mr. Taylor seems confused about the purpose those same citizens fought for televising council meetings, but then he seems to be confused about a lot of things that happen in this city.

    According to Mr. Taylor, these citizens wanted the meetings televised so they could view them later on television. Not so! They wanted the meetings televised to expose the double dealing actions of Turner and her cronies on the council. The effect was that the exposure forced the Turner coalition to go underground because, like most disreputible enterprises, they don’t want their maneuvering to be witnessed.

    Mr. Taylor went on to say that those same citizens could then stay home instead of comming to council meetings. A sentiment, I am sure, that would be welcomed by the Turner camp but not the purpose of the citizens. Again, Mr. Taylor misses the point. Citizens want to participate in their government to rid it of corruption and ensure that it is honest and viable. If Mr. Taylor wants to stay home and watch the meetings on television then that is his right. It also is his right to come to council meetings to air any greivance he might have. That is the beauty of democracy. Something that Mr Taylor wound do well to remember.

  5. The Naying response of the four council members reminds me of the AFLAC Goat–when the question arose as to whether ‘the company had coverage’ the goat chewed paper and “Nayed” in response.

  6. Randy Cutter

    There is only one canidate in district 2. So, you don’t have a choice. He was hand picked by Turner and hooch.

  7. Randy Cutter

    Maybe the citizen comments should be moved to later during the council meeting, just a thought.

    • Randy Cutter

      If citizen comments are later in the meeting you can comment on what happened during that meeting. Oh silly me, Turner and her gang would really be against that.

  8. Marian Bolstad

    Do you all forget who your elected to represent? WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR SAY!

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