Meeting Start Time Affects League of Women Voter’s

Here is the first paragraph from a League of Women Voter’s Observation:

“I did not realize the meeting started at 6 pm and arrived at 7 pm instead.  I will know better next time!  Since I was late I was not there for the first hour of the meeting.  I did not observe the public comments or the first five agenda items.  Almost all chairs were taken when I arrived, a very well attended meeting.”

The 6 pm start time: confusing people since its’ inception.  Thanks Councilmember Martineau!



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3 responses to “Meeting Start Time Affects League of Women Voter’s

  1. Dave Churchman

    Martineau has publicly stated that she needs the early 6PM start to allow her to perform her “job” for the Puyallup School District. A position which she acclaims on her own website allows her finger to be on the pulse of education issues in Puyallup.

    Or could this possibly be yet another one of Martineau’s many lies to bolster her ditsy image across Puyallup ?

    A Request for Information response indicates that Martineau’s total number of work hours for the school district in the past 2 months is ….. “TWO”. Not months, weeks or days, “TWO HOURS”.

    This is someone whose only gainful employment since leaving school has been the Puyallup Council. Hardly a credible resume for someone running for public office.

    Let her have her 6PM start for the remainder of the year. Assuming the Puyallup electorate are wise to her “vapor-cred”, the 2012 council may well fix the problem. A short skirt coupled with raging testosterone may get you selected, but not elected.

  2. Robert Lord

    As expected last evening, the Turner led coalition of Turner,Boyle,Brouilette and Martineau demonstrated intolerance for dissent from their constituents. They turned the corner into obstinance when they made a fundamental error to defy the will of the very people they pledged to represent at their swearing-in ceremonies. Should we be surprised by their behavior? Not as all. They have been displaying their true character since taking office so we should not expect miracles.

    Self indulgence will be their undoing and I am glad that they are at least consistent in that. They can enjoy a brief but better victory because it was a hollow one.

  3. Robert Lord

    A report authored by Mary Kohli commenting on the March 1,2011 council meeting stated, “I did not notice any late arrivals to the meeting”. A clear reference to refute charges by citizen advocates that the 6PM start time is to blame for citizens arriving late.

    A check with Mr. Steven Shores, who is the official attendance taker since Sept 7, 2010, when meeting start times began at 6PM, indicates that a total of 17 citizens attended with 7 arriving late. So much for “League of Women Voter” neutrality. It seems that Mary Kohli has been drinking Turner’s koolaid.

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