The Nonsense that is the 6 PM Start Time

Ever since four members of the City Council decided to change council meeting start times from 7 PM to 6 PM, citizens have spoken out against it.  No citizens have spoken in support of it.

After hearing months of complaints, two council members requested to have changing it back to 7 PM  brought back to the council for discussion.  At last night’s meeting, the council had that discussion, minus the mayor and deputy mayor who were off in Chelan at a LEOFF conference.

Listening to the citizens, Council members Hansen and Knutsen were supportive of moving the time back to a more-citizen friendly time.  Council members Boyle, Martineau, and Malloy were not as supportive.

In the end, Hansen, Knutsen, and Malloy voted in support of bringing it back as a resolution at the next council meeting.  Boyle and Martineau voted against the motion.

So, let’s debunk the arguments for the 6 PM time. 

Malloy said that he likes the 6 PM time because it is more convenient for the on-the-clock staff and students who attend the meetings because they have homework to do.  Well, first, who comes first: staff or citizens?  Second, how come students cannot do homework before the meeting?  They get out anywhere between 2 and 2:30, meaning if you move the time back to 7 PM, they have 4 to 4.5 hours to do homework before!

Martineau said that she has seen an increase of attendance at council meetings, citing some League of Women Voter’s reports.  Well, recently there have been some packed meetings but only for the proclamations and presentations.  Then, those people leave, leaving mostly the same people who attend every meeting. 

In fact, resident Steve Shores has been giving the council attendance updates.  His numbers do not include staff or students, just citizens.  The meetings have been averaging around 50 people per meeting, with 25-30% of them arriving late.  Very clear facts that the current time does NOT work!

And, finally, once again NO ONE has supported it!  A council members job is listen to the people and vote the way they tell them, not conjecture what people are thinking and vote selfishly for personal gain.

So, instead of a 7 PM time that works better for normal working people, the council will more than likely continue with this terrible time for nonsense reasons only they could believe.



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10 responses to “The Nonsense that is the 6 PM Start Time

  1. Jeff Moss

    If you watch the 5/3 council meeting it is clear that the City of Puyallup staff is driving the 6pm start time. Malloy made reference to research the staff had conducted. Was this information provided to all the council members? The majority of the council is following their normal routine of rubber stamping staff recommendations without any independent thought.


  2. Steven Shores

    When November 2011 rolls around, citizens will remember who has or has not been representing them. So much for this representative form of government we have seen for too many years. Knutsen and Hansen are the only two who consistently try to represent their constituents. But they get out voted quite often. The mole rears its ugly head again. Below is the history of the Whack-a-Mole game citizens have had to play. Do you see a pattern here?
    • Spring of 2006 – Eliminate local district representation by Council members and have only At Large (city wide) representation. Whacked!
    • April 2009 – Same as above. Whacked again! Deja Moo?
    • April 2009 – Eliminate citizen comments from printed minutes. Whacked!
    • January 19, 2010 – Require citizens to sign up to speak at meetings. Whacked!
    • March 9, 2010 – Censor what citizens can say at meetings. Whacked!
    • December 7, 2010 – Changed meeting start time from 7:00 pm to 6:00 pm against wishes of publicly vocal citizens. Yet to be whacked.
    • January 18, 2011 – Citizens can’t use the names of specific council members when they speak at a meeting. Whacked!
    • May 17, 2011 – Will they again ignore PUBLICLY vocal citizen input, favor those imaginary non-vocal citizens and vote to continue having public meetings at 6 pm making it extremely hard for the average working stiff with a real job to get to meetings on time? What good is the public comment portion of the meetings if they only listen to the folks they agree with? Now that’s something they haven’t tried to do yet! Eliminate citizen comments from the meetings entirely? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

  3. For the sake of the tired brains on the Council ,move the executive session to 6pm and for the sake of the public start the regular meeting at 7pm.

  4. Dave Churchman

    Citizens have no say. Our job is to provide revenue for city hall fat cats and mayoral boondoggles. Someone should print and frame the often-ignored structural org chart that Dannenberg had the audacity to print in the annual report that had the city manager reporting to the council who in turn reported to the citizens. It should be hung below the clock behind the mayor’s chair on the dais. We can then point to it when her highness and her ditto-head twits blow citizens off.

    On another point, did anyone notice the salivating going on this week when the subject of redistricting came up ? Boyle especially. Those running in this years races should examine potential redistricting prior to the June deadlines as they may well become vulnerable after the fact and after the election. Remember the stunt that the WWOTW tried to pull on George Dill. Its pretty obvious what will happen (logically). But with a self serving egomaniac wanker on the council, strange unethical district maps may be drawn. Can you spell “panhandle” ?

  5. Dave Churchman

    It is about time that the City of Puyallup started abiding by guidelines of acceptable employee and official’s expenses. The Federal government has strict rules, in fact they are the law of the land (FAR regulations). The delta between expensive hotel rooms and the government per diem has to be “eaten” out of profit/loss by the company or agency or traveler. Alcohol is not a permitted expense.
    If Puyallup abided by this doctrine, not only would expenses that the local taxpayer is on the hook for be slashed, but the desire to travel by these two clowns and their hangers-on would disappear.
    For Dannenberg to state that their trip and expenses are in the approved budget, shows that he is complicit in the sham. This past week, Dannenberg’s pathetic claim that $515K was in the budget to buy his buddy’s swamp land was another fine example of public service.
    Only in Puyallup !

  6. Robert Lord

    Once again, Council member Martineau has demonstrated why she is ill-suited to serve on the city council. Not only did she behave badly, she shamelessly fabricated fiction to justify her support for the 6:00 P. M. start time. She also proved that she has no empathy for her constituency. She is an apt student of her handler, Turner.

    Citizens should not be under any illusion about her purpose for running for the at-large position on the council. One has only to look at Turner’s record as an at-large representative and will know that they will get the same kind of representation from Martineau.

    Martineau’s sobbing performance to get on the council was a sham performance and everyone bought her act. Let’s all hope the electorate sees her as the fraud that she is. She has no sense of what it means to represent a constituency nor does she care. The council,to her, is just a social circle.

  7. Dave Churchman

    Don’t forget the “sympathy stunt” Martineau tried to pull earlier this year claiming HER car was vandalized alluding to it being done by an angry citizen.
    That was another Martineau fabrication. Lets call it what it is, “a lie”.
    The car was her husbands and it appears to be a regular occurance being that he is a cop. She even said as much last year herself.
    The Martineau election strategy is simple, very simple. Turn the election into a gender war. Its her only chance to succeed.

  8. Robert Lord

    I just finished reviewing the video of counsel meetings from October 5,2010 thru May 3, 2011 to determine the number of citizens speaking in support of the 7:00 PM start time. During that time span 38 citizens spoke in support of the 7:00 PM start time with the number of individuals being 17. The staff search turned up 13 individuals because staff used meeting minutes for data gathering which is not a ver-batum record of the meeting. The video record is more accurate because it is a ver-batum record.

    Not that facts will sway Turner, Brouilette, Martineau,and Boyle. They know that they made a fundamental error in taking the stand that they did because it was for self convenience and they twist and turn in the wind spinning different reasons for their support of the 6:00 PM start time.

    None of us should be surprised by their stand. They will only dig in their heels and vote to keep it at 6:00PM. It is a big deal because it goes to their character. They are in a face saving mode now.

    One only has to look at their voting record to see that none of them have any interest in representing the interests of the citizens. Our best course of action is to tie them to their abysmal performances and educate the public about their actions and vote them out of office at the polls.

    Turner is a known quantity and Brouilette is her puppet. Boyle is a flip-flopper extrordinaire and Martineau a betrayer of the citizen’s trust. They operate on the assumption that they have the votes to do as they want so the citizens don’t count. Their reality will come crashing down on their heads when the citizens speak at the polls.

    • Dave Churchman

      This whole arguement is not even really about 6PM vs 7PM. It’s who are at the top of the food chain, the council and city staff or the public. Most of the egos on this council and the lack of committment to service from the city staff leadership are at odds with serving the public. It’s as simple as that.
      Note that for the remainder of this year, this lame duck council will only meet 10 times in regular sessions. That allows them to manipulate their authority over the peon citizens through stagnation politics.
      Thats only 10 more opportunities for Boyle to put the city at legal risk through ignorance of basic laws and etiquette, Martineau to chastize her District 1 electorate, and 10 more excuses from Brouillet for convenient absences.

  9. Robert Lord

    Mr. Churchman has effectively summed the essential points of the struggle between the citizens and the Turner led malcontents on the council.
    They can’t even remain consistent with their reasons for the stand that they have taken. Martineau has gone from “I see no change in attendance” to alluding to reports written by the “League of women voters” which say nothing on the subject. Like Turner, she too seems to think she can make up stories on the fly and that the citizenry will buy her bull without fact checking.

    Turner, Malloy, Brouilette, Boyle and Martineau are so invested into this sham of an arguement that they believe their own rhetoric. Martineau even takes her stance one step further by insisting that she has 12,000+ constituents in district 1 to consider thus discounting 38 speeches by 17 individuals supporting the 7 PM start time. She alludes to speaking to citizens in support of the 6 PM start time but cannot produce any substantial proof of their existence. I doubt that she or her self indulgent friends on the council would be swayed by 2000 or 3000 citizens supporting the 7 PM time. However, if just 2 spoke up at a council meeting in favor of the 6 PM time, I am sure she would count them ample justification for her position on the matter.

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