Letter: Nepotism At City Hall Puts the Public at Risk

Recently, the press has released an article concerning a recently fired Puyallup Police Officer appealing his dismissal through the superior court system. The decision to fire the officer was upheld by the city’s Civil Service Commission.  The chairman of this commission is none other than the mayor’s husband, Gary Turner.  


This situation leaves the city open to criticism whether founded or unfounded as to what is discussed outside of public forums between elected city officials and commission members. 

Nepotism is on the rise again in Puyallup. Just last month, council member Martineau’s father was selected by the council to the Parks Board.  

It is time for Puyallup to clean up its act by setting and maintaining ethical standards through its boards and commissions.  Nepotism and conflict of interest (financial gain) have to be avoided.  

The composition of the Hotel-Motel tax board is the biggest joke of the bunch with its self-serving grants to Valley Arts United.  The city lists all boards on its website, except for the Hotel-Motel tax board protecting its activity and board membership from public scrutiny.  

This latest court activity regarding the PPD and Civil Service commission could potentially cost taxpayers another legal settlement.  I for one would feel more confident about the situation if the nepotism argument could not be leveraged by an able attorney. Remember, Cheryl Carson, Puyallup City Attorney is defending Puyallup taxpayer’s interests, which should give taxpayers sleepless nights.  She like Dannenberg, will not be liable for any settlement, she lives in Gig Harbor !

Dave Churchman



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One response to “Letter: Nepotism At City Hall Puts the Public at Risk

  1. Jim Malone

    I thought at the time the city had a darn good case for firing that officer.

    Is the Civil Service Commission just made up and for the city of Puyallup? If anyone knows , thanks..

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