At-Large Gets Second Candidate

Steve Vermillion has filed to run for the at-large seat in the November election.

He lives in District 3 and will be running against Nicole Martineau.

Here is a link to his website.



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9 responses to “At-Large Gets Second Candidate

  1. Dave Churchman

    If you try to tell the truth, have an attention span longer than 2 minutes, consider and respect the input from your citizen residents, you will be a vast improvement over Martineau.
    Good luck Mr Vermillion.

  2. Jim Malone

    Doesn’t like liberals and thinks Glenn Beck is an investigative reporter.

    • Jim-you infer way too much into my response to an TNT article on Beck. I do believe that Beck, over time, has surfaced, through his staff’s in depth research, many facets that haven’t seen daylight in other media forums. And your comment about my not liking liberals is off the mark as well–my wife is a liberal and we have been married for forty years. Steve

      • Jim Malone

        Steve – OK then, but I still disagree with you about Beck…..not a big obstacle for me. Perhaps that can be overlooked since you live with a liberal.

        Anyways, good luck and I hope your election goes well. I agree with Dave that you will be a vast improvement over Martineau.

  3. Robert Lord

    Having more than one candidate to choose from for each council seat is a plus for the citizens of Puyallup. Unfortunately, three of the current sitting council members, Turner, Brouilette and Malloy were elected by running unopposed. This meant that, other than a write-in candidate, the voters did not have a choice, and we all know how that has been working. Mike Deal, a previous council member,ran unopposed for council much of his tenure on the council and when faced with an opponent in the last election, decided not to run for re-election.

    We all have seen the effects of gerrymandering on a council peopled with representatives who don’t really represent their constituencies. A case in point is the current council. Bad judgement, a shifting morale center, and a penchant for abusive politics. The results have been huge litigation expenses, a council vs citizens mentality and very possible bankruptcy looming on the horizon.

  4. Tim Shirts

    I am also very pleased with the citizens having a choice for each of these positions. In the case of this position, the choice appears to be clear. With a platform of prioritizing spending on CURRENT infrastructure, curtailing wasteful litigation and Legal Dept. outsourcing, working to get initiatives and referendums for the citizens… and the list goes on…. it appears Mr. Vermillion can make a world of difference….. simply by being what his opponent has proven NOT to be….. Representative. Good Luck to you, Mr. Vermillion

  5. Randy Cutter

    Is there a 2nd candidate for district 2?

  6. Randy Cutter

    Thanks, for the information Steven. I hope someone will step up in district II so i have a choice.

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