Letter: 2011 Political Spin Starts Up

Today’s letter from Nicole Martineau in “The Herald” stressed my digestive tract to its limit. Martineau’s professed support and encouragement to the public to fight to retain open acreage and construction limits to maintain the quality of life in Puyallup is a bit rich, even for her. Similar hypocritical statements have been made recently to the “News Tribune” by the leader of Puyallup’s Planning Commission, John Palmer.

The fact that these two individuals are candidates later this year for council seats is purely “coincidental”.  

The truth is that the Puyallup Council aided and abetted by Palmer’s Planning Commission have been approving massive new construction which will wipe out much of the remaining open space and woodlands that remain in Puyallup.  Two local influential developers (Austin-Cina and Abbey Road) are reaping personal reward from earlier contributions to council campaign war chests (PDC verified).  

Just last week in his bi-weekly report, the City Manager stated that work will soon begin on a 314 unit housing development just north of Crystal Ridge. This is in addition to the projected large development on the daffodil fields in the valley. Both projects have been rubber-stamped by the Council and Planning Commission. Where will the new schools go?  Who will pay for these new schools?  What is the impact on the problematic local freeway access junctions?  We know the truthful answers to those issues.  

City Hall of course is in favor of these revenue generating projects as the monies received from building permits and property taxes will be used to bolster the payroll funds at Subway Towers.  And, nothing should ever stand in the way of that goal.   

It seems that both Martineau and Palmer seem to forget their past votes and positions when it comes to seeking the “Holy Grail” of council-membership, the paycheck and the gold-plated health benefits. Sadly, honesty is the big loser. 

It is election year after all ! 

Dave Churchman



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  1. Robert Lord

    Council member Martineau, for one so new to the political arena, is showing a real knack for embracing all that is distastful about politics as usual in Puyallup. She parlayed a sobbing and tearful performance before the council to gain access as a new member to replace the irreplacable George Dill. Next, she abandoned any semblance of respect when she reneged on a promise to the public to promote the principles of honest and open government which Mr. Dill practiced so honorably.

    Then she alienated her constituency by voting on the side of issues that were detrimental to her constituency and the citizens of Puyallup. She has been a diligent pupil of her mentor , the mayor.

    Her attempts to suppress citizen comment about anything exposing her questionable behavior toward citizens rights to know about what their government is doing, is well documented.

    After cutting of communication with her district 1 constituents who have been disatisfied with her performance she now is posturing for council office by running for the at-large seat. Lately she has made a half-hearted attempt to open up communication with district 1 detractors but was not convincing. So, as is her practice, she has retreated back into a cone of silence without gaining any semblance of honesty.

    And the beat goes on. More of the same disreputable behavior we all abhor in our politicians but have grown used to.

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