“Cultivating Puyallup” Seems Like Good Idea

A new project brought forth by city administration called “Cultivating Puyallup,” looks like a good program at first glance.

The goal of the project is to preserve farmland and natural areas, while focusing growth downtown.  We are big supporters of not destroying and paving over all of our precious farmland left.  The only concern is more high-rise buildings downtown.

Smart, focused downtown development is what we need but buildings like City Hall are a scar on our city.  Puyallup is not a 5-story building type of town.  New buildings should fit within the look and character of what’s already there.

The fact that this project is being paid for with federal grants makes it appealing as well.

Puyallup to take steps to build carefully [Tacoma News Tribune]



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3 responses to ““Cultivating Puyallup” Seems Like Good Idea

  1. Dave Churchman

    I agree, but Puyallup has a long habit of doing the opposite. It would be good to know who the two so-called consultants are advising this study group. Not Austin-Cina or Abbey Road I hope (City Hall and the Planning Commission’s favourite insiders), in which case all effort on this would be a complete and utter farce.

  2. John Hopkins

    I am absolutely in favor of the concept.
    Puyallup increased all the allowances for developement downtown when City hall was about to be built. It’s as if the planners WANT to make it ecomomically feasable to demolish all of our Historic buildings and replace them with 5 story plus monsters.
    Perhaps there are locations where this makes sense……….

  3. Robert Lord

    I attended the presentation of “Cultivating Puyallup” last night. The name of the consulting company is “Burk”. About 50 attended including some of the regular players. The idea of preserving agricultural lands from being developed and retaining their original function as small family farms is a good idea. However, the nuts and bolts of how to accomplish it seems to be murky. The presentation was a feel good show and a sales job. A lot of information and work needs to be done before we know if it could work as proposed.

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