John Knutsen Goes for Reelection

District One representative John Knutsen is running for reelection in his Position 1 seat.  He will have finished his first term in December.

Mr. Knutsen has been one of the vocal voices on the council for transparency and accountability.  He continually seeks input from citizens and votes with the voice of the people in mind. 

He is not afraid to question the norm and has shook up this council for the better.  Does he always do it tactfully? No.  But is that important?  What’s important is openness and honesty.  The citizens can be sure he will vote for what’s best for them.

Good luck Mr. Knutsen!



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3 responses to “John Knutsen Goes for Reelection

  1. John Hopkins

    Good luck John.
    We know you put Citizens first,and want to retain the character and liveability of district one
    You have 3 votes in my house,only the dog is abstaining

  2. Steven Shores

    John Knutsen has made the most dramatic and long overdue impact on the Puyallup council to ever be made. I support John for his principles, not his charm. I have not and will not vote for a candidate simply because they are nice, cordial or because they agree to “get along” with the remaining members. I have and will continue to vote for a candidate who will ask the tough questions in public, encourage citizens to do the same and hold staff and other council members accountable for their actions. John has done this. John along with Rick Hansen and the late George Dill championed televising of meetings, pushed for term limits, spoke out against others’ attempts at gerrymandering, asked honest questions about financial and ethical issues that were often hidden and insisted on citizens’ right to be heard without censorship. Others intentionally were silent or drug their feet on these issues. For too long, this city has operated without much public transparency or scrutiny. That era is over due to televising, citizen activists and a minority of good council members.

    On a side note, District I voters should be aware that in the next election in November, both of the seats in District I are up for election. John Knutsen is running for Position #1 and John Hopkins and Tom Smillie are both running for Position #2. District I voters will have the opportunity to vote for three candidates: one for District I/Position #1, one for District I/Position #2 and one for the At Large position.

  3. Robert Lord

    John Knutsen is and has been a strong advocate for open and honest government. He has championed the rights of the citizens to know what their government is doing and has demonstrated the courage and resolve to back up his words with action. He certainly is no fence sitter.

    With the defection of council member Martineau by announcing for the “at large seat”, an opportunity now exists for someone to join with Mr Knutsen in representing the interests and needs of district 1 citizens.

    Good luck John!

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