Letter: You Get What You Vote For!

Much of the quality of life in Puyallup has diminished over the past 10 years or so. And, it is not getting any better.  Much of this is due to mismanaged development all over the city and on South Hill. It is no secret that these directly benefit local developers who are highly visible in and around Puyallup’s City Hall in one aspect or another. Two such developers have extraordinary influence over Puyallup’s Planning Commission.  

An example of this influence is the impending influx of high density “cottage home complexes” that will pop up all across the city like mole holes. Another is the “monster” development planned for the daffodil and tulip fields near the Shaw Road Bridge. Levies to pay for the construction of new schools to support these ventures will be forthcoming. City Hall employees are also salivating over the expected building permits and property tax revenue that will help secure their employment.  

Some members of the Planning Commission starting with its leadership are directly responsible for the rubber-stamping of these two misguided catastrophes.  Remember that fact as probably three of them will be running for Puyallup Council seats throughout this year.  

Dave Churchman



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2 responses to “Letter: You Get What You Vote For!

  1. Donna Boatman

    Yes, you must know who you are voting for. You have had highly visable real estate people on your council, one was the wife of a commercial real estate agent. Your mayor was a highly active real estate agent when first voted in. People’s backgrounds are very important when voting for someone and is usually not covered well at all. They only cover what they want you to know, for the most part these are very self serving people. They serve themselves, not the people.

    • Donna Boatman

      you have voted in two very highly visable real estate people on your council What do you expect? The self serving attitude of the council, is at times unbelievable,the situation with the park at the edge of town over water says it all , how childish? this is what you expect from those you voted in?

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