Tom Smillie Applies For District 1 Seat

We have our first race with two candidates in the November City Council election.  Tom Smillie has applied for the late George Dill’s seat on the city council.  Currently, Nicole Martineau holds the seat through appointment.   This is for a two-year term.  Earlier in the week, John Hopkins applied for the position as well.

Tom is running on the themes of transparency and honesty.  He is for a citizen-friendly government, where he will listen to citizens in the streets and at the podium, voting with them, not against them.

Good luck Mr. Smillie!



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5 responses to “Tom Smillie Applies For District 1 Seat

  1. Steven Shores

    Tom, I’ll march until the soles of my shoes fall of to see that you are elected!
    Write that in your minutes!

  2. John Hopkins

    Hey Shores… said the same thing to me!!
    Seriously and sincerely “Good luck Tom”
    John Hopkins

  3. Steven Shores

    Don’t worry John! You won’t be left out. When you get elected to the At Large position through record breaking write-in votes and massive under votes, we’ll make sure there’s a new sandwich named after you at Subway Towers.

  4. Robert Lord

    Tom, I am happy to see you running for the George Dill seat. I know that you will provide district 1 with a choice that is for the citizens. We badly need candidates like yourself who are interested in serving instead of self serving. The current holder of the George Dill seat has abandoned any pretense of serving her constituents. A council member who actually listens to citizen concerns and puts forth effort to do right by the citizens will be a welcome change.

  5. Mike Templeton

    Tom Smillie is a snake,he is for arbitrary codes that only apply to some not himself or any city council members or relative’s dont vote for him!

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