Puyallup To Lose Post Office in July

(Update: Here is a link to the News Tribunes post on this. It says they will not shut down the post office but others are hearing differently.)

The downtown Puyallup Post Office is due to be closed this July due to budget cuts.

The postal services will be shifted to the Sumner and South Hill post offices. 

This is horrible news for downtown Puyallup residents.

Please contact your state representatives to encourage them to try and put a stop to this closure.

You can contact Hans Zeiger, Bruce Dammeier, Jim Kastama or Adam Smith.



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5 responses to “Puyallup To Lose Post Office in July

  1. Dave Churchman

    With the closing of the Post Office, I can predict all kinds of power plays pertaining to downtown parking. Depends on what is constructed there in its place (if anything). Perhaps the new Mike Deal Criminal Justice Center and tax abated condos will be “proclaimed” by this lame duck council ?

  2. John Hopkins

    The Post Office is an integral part of Down Town.It’s very heartbeat.I don’t understand why it would close, given it’s popularity.At worst it should be downsized .In England they have many small stores,where people pick up their pensions ,buy a money order or a couple of stamps.The Post Office is as much social as it is business.
    Everyone needs to call ,write or email

  3. Dave Churchman

    Maybe Puyallup could do a real estate trade with the Federal government ? The city picks up the Post Office while the Feds get Subway Towers and assumes the debt. The few city hall workers would fit easily inside the Post Office particularly after the next council culls the oversized Legal and Planning departments.
    I’m sure even old Karl could be encouraged out of retirement to work the service desk.

  4. peggy jensen

    I am so disappointed that we are going to lose one more important part of our town, that’s one reason we live in Puyallup . I have always enjoyed walking down town now i guess i can walk up the hill. I fell sorry for this town it is losing all of it’s charm.

  5. John Hopkins

    When i went in on Saturday they said thatthey were keeping the drop off counter but selling the building……still bad

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