John Hopkins Is Running For George Dill’s Seat

John Hopkins has disclosed (with the Public Disclosure Commission) his intention to run in the November 2011 election for the Puyallup City Council position in District I, Position #2.
This is the position that the late George Dill was elected to in the 2009 election. George passed away November 19, 2009 just days after the election was final. Nicole Martineau was appointed by the remaining council to serve the first two years of George’s four year term. By council rules, appointments can only be made for two years. Ms. Martineau failed miserably in representing citizens of District I as George did and as she promised to do during her appointment interview on January 13, 2010.
Mr. Hopkins will be running for the remaining two years of George Dill’s term since Ms. Martineau will be attempting to fill the At Large position without crossing the bridges she burnt in District I. If she is opposed by anyone, she will not succeed. 
Good luck to Mr. Hopkins!


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7 responses to “John Hopkins Is Running For George Dill’s Seat

  1. Debbie Carling

    Good luck John. I know you will fare much better that Nicole ever thought of doing . You will be a great dist 1 rep.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Well done.

  3. Steven Shores

    One can run (away), but can’t hide. No candidages should underestimate the influence of District I residents in the next election.

  4. Brenda Bauer

    Good luck John – we wish you the very best & hope you succeed. You would be great at the job. Even though you are not running in our district, let us know as the neighbors of 5th St. SE if there is anything we can do to help .

  5. John Hopkins

    I appreciate the posting and the comments.
    I particularly like the reference to it being “the George Dill seat”.I campaigned with him and respect his common sense approach and his desire to represent district one.
    We must never forget him

  6. Robert Lord

    Congratulations, John. I know without question that you will bring a common sense approach to the job as a district 1 representative. I fully expect that there will be no caving into the bankrupt sentiments of the Turner group.
    Now after nearly 2 years we will have a no nonsense representative filling the George Dill seat. We all know that “you are not George Dill” as your predecessor is so fond of saying, as she bailed out of her responsibilities. You will bring accountability back to the position and a measure of honesty we have not had since January 2010.

  7. Steven Shores

    John, I’ll march until the soles of my shoes fall off to see that you are elected and a sandwich is named after you! Or would you rather it be a bench!

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