Foster Pepper Lawyer Bills

Click the links below to see the bills attorney firm Foster Pepper, located in Seattle, sent for work done on the landfill migration fees.

These bills are for two months of work.  $111,000 for two months.

Foster Pepper Bills

Now, here is the city’s resolution that covers Purchasing and Contracting Services.  It says any contract over $35,000 has to be approved by the city council first.  These bills were not brought before the council until after the bills were paid.

Purchasing and Contracting Policy



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7 responses to “Foster Pepper Lawyer Bills

  1. Dave Churchman

    If you take a look at Page 10, action of 9/27 by M Schecter, there is an ongoing activity called “review documents to support bond activity”.
    First of all, for Foster Pepper to be playing both sides of this activity (making money off the winning and losing) is distasteful and potentially unethical (a letter has been sent to the AG on the matter).
    But the other question is, “did the council know back last September that there were advanced plans to sell bonds to finance this settlement” ? If so, they acted dumb and surprised really well (not hard to imagine) and if not, just when were Carlson and Craig going to enlighten them and the citizens. 4 months is a long time to hang onto this info. What did the council and the staff know, and when did they know it ?
    I seem to remember the bond issuance was done at the 11th hour claiming there was no time. But as we see, they knew last September. Who is fooling who ?

  2. Mike Stanzel

    I thought they were going to stop using Foster Pepper.

  3. Dave Churchman

    They could and should have used less expensive attorneys – particular as Foster Pepper’s success rate supporting the City of Puyallup is a round number, very round.
    Maybe next time they could use that guy in Des Moines who is only around $350 an hour. He has experience with the CoP, knows where the bodies are buried and has Carlson’s number on speed dial. You know the guy Mike !

  4. Robert Lord

    A review of the legal billing from Foster Pepper reveals that Mr.
    Schecter billed for discussion of settlement financing by use of a bond on Sept 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, Oct 15, and 18th. Sprinkled in among those dates were teleconferences and meetings with the council concerning the bond, financing of a settlement with city attorney Cheryl Carlson and the city council.
    The knowledge of the settlement and how it was to be paid for existed 4 to 5 months before they sprung it on the citizens who ultimately will have to pay for the settlement.
    Just one more nail in the coffin of incompetence and deception of this council. They really don’t represent the citizens of this city as they should. Transpareny would be a nice start but will never happen with this bunch.

  5. Dave Churchman

    As the lawsuit was not closed until February 11, 2011, you can rest assured that Foster Pepper were still giving Carlson adult supervision in addition to these invoices. The case activity can be seen here:

    Was all this recent additional expensive support authorized by the City Manager, Finance Director and the Council ? At what point were they planning on informing the public ?

  6. Dave Churchman

    During last night’s Puyallup council meeting, Mr David Couch questioned the absurdity of a Foster Pepper lawyer charging $490 per hour for his services to the city (and taxpayers). Couch suggested “nobody is worth that money”.
    As a point of reference, it is widely perceived that Rocket Scientists are some of the smartest most talented people on the planet. The hourly rate charged to the Federal government (usually NASA) for one hour of a senior rocket scientist’s effort is under $300. For that rate, the customer also receives all administrative support needed by the scientist plus use of all technical tools and expensive laboratories (built into that $300 an hour burdened rate). Not the case at Foster-Pepper.
    So Mr DeJuilo at Foster-Pepper must be at least 63% smarter than a rocket scientist. Which is odd, as he lost the case !

  7. Steven Shores

    Dave, you crack me up! You are exactly right. What did we get for our money? A nice hefty bill/bond for us citizens to shoulder for the next decade. I would expect at least a scratch and sniff photo of the new condos. After a time or two, even animals learn from their mistakes.

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