Who Didn’t See This Coming?

As predicted, Nicole Martineau has filed to run for the At-large seat for City Council in the 2011 election.  Here is her PDC filing.

Mrs. Martineau has failed her constituents in District 1 miserably in her 1+ years of appointed service.  She has decided to not run for her own seat, a two-year term, and she has decided not run in her district against Councilmember Knutsen, knowing she would lose.

Now, she is tasked with earning the votes of the entire city in her first election.



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4 responses to “Who Didn’t See This Coming?

  1. Robert Lord

    This development was not a surprise. One can only speculate her reasons to change constituencies. Since alienating citizens in district 1 she probably figures correctly that she could not garner enough votes to win a seat on the council. She may be hoping to run unopposed for the at-large seat as that is probably the only way she will be elected.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Politics and experience aside, Mrs Martineau does not have the capability to serve on the Puyallup Council. Her inability to participate in a debate of more than 15 minutes on any matter is well known especially by her “peers” on the council. With an inability for any level of attentive concentration, she caves into voting for any side that will bring the arguement to a close. This is a characteristic that makes her unqualified to serve.
    The fact that she flat out lied at the selection process session claiming that she would support the policies laid out by George Dill whom she was replacing, is indicative of her moral qualifications.
    For those who doubt the authenticity of these arguments should think of one indisputable fact – any individual who has been unable to gain full time employment at any job by their mid 30s, should be considered as someone who probably has “issues” with any level of responsibility.

  3. John Hopkins

    We need a candidate.We can’t afford a repeat of the Tammy fiasco.The previous two statements represent district ones feelings.[predict 60/40 against ] District two would also be tough for her[predict55/45]. District 3 a wash [predict 50/50]Someone needs to step up

  4. Dave Churchman

    I fully agree with Mr Hopkins’ concerns. The list of prospective candidates for Puyallup’s 2011 council elections is not exactly awe-inspiring. The official and unofficial list of “insiders and usual suspects” does not “answer the mail”. Puyallup is in desperate need of a fix to long standing problems, particularly the image and ethical problems that have plagued the city. What a refreshing thing it would be if a couple of innovative, reasonably intelligent, attentive individuals actually threw their hats in the ring. Here are a few credentials that could possibly make a great candidate.

    1. Someone who does not get their paycheck from a federal, state, county or city employer. Someone who has worked for an organization that understands “free enterprise” and the market economy. Why ? – the council makes policy including economic policy.
    2. A reasonably educated person with enough business comprehension who will not be baffled by the endless stream on nonsensical budget briefings. Someone who can advise their peers on the council whether a finance issue is sound, complex or absolute garbage. Why ? – nobody on the current council can read a balance sheet and citizens have paid the heavy price.
    3. Someone who is not running for the position for the health and welfare benefits that come with being a Puyallup council member. Why ? – personal monetary gain should not be a driving force.
    4. Someone not “in the pocket” of the handful of local land and property developers. Why ? – The rubber-stamping by some on the Planning Commission for high-density cottage housing developments throughout the city is a detriment to the quality of the city.
    5. Someone not overtly aligned to either of the two “unofficial” parties and their leaders. A true independent.
    6. Finally, someone who can initially attend council and executive sessions at their absurd ridiculous early times of 6PM and 5PM. (Probably mutually exclusive to requirement #1). Someone, whose first action as a council member will be to put forth a motion to return the start of council meetings to 7PM so the public will once again be able to attend council meetings at a decent hour irrespective of council members’ personal schedules.

    If you exist, and are not busy helping either the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, please consider running for office. Puyallup needs fixing.

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