Puyallup May Lose Library

At the January 24, 2011 Library Board Meeting the Library Board voted 5-0 to explore the possibility of annexing the Puyallup Library into the Pierce County Library System.

This is just the first of many steps if the city ultimately decides to go down this road.  First, the city’s fire department annexed into Central Pierce.  Now, there is a chance that Puyallup could lose its library into Pierce County.

Here is the excerpt from the Library Board’s minutes:


Ms. Torgeson reported that she and City Manager Ralph Dannenberg met with the Pierce County Library System Director who indicated an interest in exploring the possibility of annexing the Puyallup Public Library operations to the district.  Board discussion included the following concerns:  whether there would be an Information Technology person dedicated to the library; that no staff would lose their jobs; that there would be a restoration of library hours or possibly more hours; and the ownership of the building.  She described the steps that need to occur which include:  approval by both library boards; recommendation to city council to explore the option; options proposed by both boards; a board recommendation to the council to annex; city council decision to place the annexation issue on the ballot or not; and if placed on the ballot, a vote on the issue by city residents.  She noted that there was an option that after three years the city could de-annex.  Ms. Torgeson admitted there would be some gains and some losses and that there are many issues to consider.   Mr. Kehm-Goins added that if there is a lot of opposition to annexation, the board should be prepared to advise the public what is needed from them to maintain the library under the city’s administration. 

Board Action:  A motion was made by Ms. Kastama, second by Ms. Henry, to direct staff to explore the matter of contracting with or annexation of the Puyallup Public Library operations to the Pierce County Library System.  The motion passed 5-0.



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2 responses to “Puyallup May Lose Library

  1. Mike Stanzel

    I thought Malloy said that Puyallup had been run so well there was even a surplus.

  2. Dave Churchman

    Went down and asked Cliffie today how much is still owed on the bond for the library building. He said $5,805,000 and it is scheduled to be paid off in 2019.

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