Audio: City Attorney, Public Works Director Recommend Stopping Negotiations With Property Owners on 9th/94th

Below is the audio from the May 25, 2010 City Council Meeting where five council members voted to approve this agreement.  This is the plan that almost cost the city $3.27 million and ended up costing the city more money than if they would have settled earlier.

Click here to listen to the audio.  There is a short gap of silence in the audio, continue to listening to hear the motion.  The whole segment is 2:30 minutes.

The city attorney clearly states that both herself and the Public Works Director are recommending this action, a costly recommendation to the citizens of Puyallup.


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One response to “Audio: City Attorney, Public Works Director Recommend Stopping Negotiations With Property Owners on 9th/94th

  1. Robert Lord

    Anyone who has followed Puyallup politics and watched the council meeting on television probably is not surprised by our esteemed city attorney’s actions. Has she ever considered the consequences of her recommendations to the council. I wonder.

    Just as our previous city manager came to our city under a cloud of dubious behavior so also did our city attorney. Both brought baggage that should have eliminated them as serious candidates for their jobs.

    But what can you expect from a city leadership that has operated behind a curtain of secrecy for so long that they have lost touch with reality? Our mayor has demonstrated her belief in gerrymandering by her attempts to remove citizens ability to publicly criticize their representatives performance. She also is an advocate of controlling the outcome of votes on the council determining issues of finance.

    So it should be no surprise that employees are hired without proper vetting.

    Mr. Morrow was encouraged to leave because of his part in the 9th/94th St widening fiasco because he advocated a indefensible position to the council. So did our city attorney, and after all she certainly should have counselled caution and it is her job to know that the design change would endanger the state grant money.

    So why is Mr Morrow gone and she is still in her city attorney position?
    She is just as culpable.

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