Planning Commission Chairman Announces Canidadcy

John Palmer, the current chair of the Planning Commission, has announced he is running for the District 2 seat open in the 2011 election.  This seat is currently held by Councilmember Tami Brouillet.

Below is his announcement email:

Hi Puyallup Friends:
Today, I’m announcing my candidacy for the Puyallup City Council, District 2.  As many of you know, I currently serve on Puyallup’s Planning Commission and have been elected Chair for three years.  I’m looking forward to drawing on this experience along with my background in government and policy to hopefully represent you and our fellow citizens on the Council.
It’s time for some positive change on the Council. I will bring an upbeat and collaborative approach to the Council and focus on growing Puyallup smartly and maintaining and enhancing our community and neighborhoods.
The primary (August 16th) and general election (November 8th) are several months away, but it’s time to get my campaign rolling. Over the coming months, I look forward to hearing from Puyallup residents and groups about what they want for Puyallup.
I would greatly appreciate your support!  There will be plenty of ways to join the “palmer party.”  Right now, I could use your help in getting the word out by talking to your friends and neighbors and forwarding this email.  Also, please tell me if you would like to be listed as a supporter on my website (even if you live outside of District 2).  
Please visit my website (link below) to learn more about me and my views and check out the map of District 2 (link below).  And please provide me your ideas on how we can continue to make Puyallup a great place to live, work, and play.
John Palmer


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5 responses to “Planning Commission Chairman Announces Canidadcy

  1. Dave Churchman

    Some in Puyallup have been rejoicing at the impending replacement of Mayor Turner and Deputy Mayor Brouillet. But beware what you wish for. Others in Puyallup are concerned over the power hungry aspects of Council Member Boyle who is trying to manipulate the council into a body that will serve his motives and massive ego. What voters should be aware of is that the announced candidate’s bio for District 2 (John Palmer), clearly states that his spouse works alongside Boyle in Olympia at MIXX FM.
    So, if you like Boyle’s “Type A” power mongering, vote for Palmer. If you prefer democracy, vote for someone else in District 2.

    • Bebe Colley

      It is, at best, a reach to imply that John Palmer would be influenced by any person who happens to work at the same station as his wife. Cari Palmer does not work “alongside” Boyle, they have entirely different time slots. Get your story straight! I have known John for many years and am completely shocked that anyone would suggest that John Palmer would not represent “democracy” as a Council Member. He is the last person that I would ever accuse of “power mongering”. Shame on you!

  2. Janina Duling

    So because a candidate’s spouse works at a radio station along with someone Dave doesn’t like, then somehow the candidate must share the “power hungry massive ego” of his spouse’s co-worker? That is one of the most illogical statements I’ve ever read.

    I know John Palmer, and I can honestly say that I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone more humble, kind, less power-seeking, or more motivated by doing the right thing than John. John is very bright, and has the vast experience that this council needs and he has a sincere passion for our community. Most importantly, what wins my vote is the fact that John is so reasonable and independent minded, that I’m confident he is not going to follow anybody’s agenda. John will listen to the people of Puyallup, and will do his research and listen to all sides before coming to a conclusion – exactly the kind of council member we need.

    Politics can be so vicious, especially for those who sit behind their keyboards indiscriminately maligning a candidate’s character – I find no positive use for the lack of civility I see in politics today, and I admire anyone who is willing to put themselves in to this arena to try and make changes for the good of our community.

    I trust the people of Puyallup will not be swayed by misleading comments, they will do their research, think for themselves, and will vote for whom they believe will represent our community interests best.

  3. Penny Eims

    That is a small-minded and naive remark to make. Why would a co-worker of Mr. Palmer’s wife have any influence over Mr. Palmer’s decisions – for that matter, over any portion of his platform? Are all of your own personal viewpoints based on the opinions of your spouse’s co-workers? That is not even a rational statement.

  4. Dawne Talbott-Lloyd

    Once in a while, someone who actually has a strong moral compass, intelligence and a heart for their constituency decides to do what most of us wouldn’t dare. To step up and take on the complications of politics. John Palmer is this person. He is passionate about doing what is best for Puyallup. He will not be the “Yes Man.” He will not succumb to pressure. He will be a thoughtful voice of reason – a much-needed voice on our current Council. People become impassioned about their politics and they will look for any opportunity to strike against someone they feel might shake their soap box. Fear not Puyallup, John is not a power monger. He will be a strong leader for our community. I proudly support his candidacy.

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