What do Turner and Deal Have Against the City of Edmonds???

Take a look at this link, scrolling down to page 15 of former City Manager Gary McLean’s application to the City of Edmonds to be their city attorney.

City of Edmonds, Application of Gary McLean

On page 15, it lists Gary McLean’s references.  The first two on the list: Mike Deal and Kathy Turner. 


When Mr. McLean resigned last April, a separation agreement was signed by both him and the city which prevents him or any city employee or councilmember from disparaging each other.  So, it’s quite convenient that two of your references are legally obligated from saying anything bad against you.

A word of advice to Edmonds, don’t hire Gary McLean and don’t listen to his top two references because, no matter what, they are prohibited from saying anything against him.


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One response to “What do Turner and Deal Have Against the City of Edmonds???


    Poor City of Edmunds.If only they would do a little research, they would discover the trail of devastation he has left behind.
    I am actually amazed that we haven’t seen a host of lawsuits from City staff….or were they quietly paid off?

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