Catching Up on Puyallup News

It’s been a busy week for news in Puyallup, so below you can find a recap of the events from last week:

City Council passes term limits by a 6-1 vote, councilmembers are now limited to 12 years of service over their lifetimes.  This particular wording was written to eliminate Councilmember Rick Hansen from running for the at-large seat in this year’s election.

[Puyallup Council OKs its own term limits] Tacoma News Tribune

Previously, the city stood to lose about $900,000 of state money for the 9th/94th Street Project because it didn’t complete the project as submitted.  Now the Transportation Improvement Board has threatened to take the entire $3.27 million for the project is the city doesn’t finish the project as submitted.

[Puyallup must add to road project or lose cash] Tacoma News Tribune

Led by Councilmember Rick Hansen, the city is considering using a vacant building in North Puyallup as a homeless shelter.  This project is still far from being done but the discussion has begun.

[Puyallup weights homeless shelter] Tacoma News Tribune

Mike Stanzel is finally getting his water letter!!!  After years of court precedings and thousands of dollars, Judge Larkin has ordered the city to provide him with his water availability letter in the next 45 days.  Congratulations Mike!

[Water ruling favors business] Tacoma News Tribune

Cottage housing has been delayed until late March or early April so the council and staff can gather more information about this type of housing.  At first glance, this is a horrible idea for the city.


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One response to “Catching Up on Puyallup News

  1. Robert Lord

    If I were Mr. Stanzel I would not count on the city of Puyallup doing the right thing about his water availability letter. The ultimate decision must be made by the city council and there are just enough dysfunctional individuals on the council to sabatouge any decent action by well meaning members.

    Any decent , moral person would understand how unethical demanding agreement to annex into the city for water service is. However some members of the council are not decent or moral. The council has had several opportunities to do the decent thing and have refused to do so by trying to outspend and outlast Mr Stanzel, using the court system as a weapon against. They made a gross miscalculation and are now going to pay for it, excuse me, we the taxpayers will have to pay for it and none of them will be held accountable for their mean spiritedness.

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