How 12 Years and Out Affects Each Councilmember

On Tuesday, the 2nd reading of the term limits ordinance will be voted on.  If passed, it will have an immediate impact on some sitting councilmembers as well as future effects on others.

Let’s look at how this ordinance will affect each sitting councilmember.

Councilmember Brouillet and Councilmember Knutsen’s first terms are up in December, so they would be eligible to run for two more full terms.

Councilmember Boyle will 2 years into his first term in December, so he will finish his term in 2013 and be eligible for two more after that.

Councilmembers Malloy and Turner have both served 18 consecutive years and their terms are up in December, so they will ineligible to run again.

Now here’s where this ordinance takes a strange, suspicious twist.

Councilmember Hansen served 8 years on the council from 1980-1988.  He was then appointed in 2008 to a two-year term, then elected in District 2 in 2010 for another 4 years.  That means at the end of this year, he will have served 12 years.  That means he is ineligible to run for the at-large seat in 2011, something he has publicly stated he wanted to do.  But, here’s the suspicious part.

Councilmember Martineau was appointed in 2010 for two years and will have to make a decision in the next few months.  She can choose not to run, run for the remaining two years of her seat, run for the other seat in District 1 which is for four years, or run at-large.

If you look at each option, only one makes sense.

Not running: Not likely, she has become involved with the AWC and speaks at meetings as if she plans on being around awhile.

Running for her current seat: Running for election is a lot of work, so running for only two years doesn’t make sense, especially when there is two other seats she could run for that last four years.

Running for the other District 1 seat: She would have to defeat sitting member John Knutsen, not a likely proposition in District 1.

Run at-large: Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!  Here’s where she is going.  She has not represented the people of District 1 well. She knows she cannot win there, but she has a chance in an at-large race if she isn’t running against…………..

Rick Hansen.

That’s why it is so important that he is unable to run for the at-large seat.  This term limit ordinance has a dirty feel to it.

Term limits are important and great, we support them.  But we believe that there should be a break after 8 years, and not a lifetime ban.  That would allow Turner, Malloy, Martin, Deal, Hansen or any others to run again.


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