Councilmember Martineau’s Role Model

At last night’s council meeting, Councilmember Nicole Martineau decided she was going to censor a citizen’s comment by claiming he was violating a council rule.  She was wrong, he did not break any rules, but was simply exercising his first amendment rights.  Watching this made us think of another Washington city councilmember who has similiar views on citizen input:



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3 responses to “Councilmember Martineau’s Role Model

  1. Dave Churchman

    FYI, Councilmember Jeanne Harris sits on the same AWC Board as Turner. Why is that no surprise ? They clearly display the same respect for the constitution and civil rights (NONE). I would also summize that they both exchange political strategy plans against the public at their AWC Board Meetings. Is it a coincidence that Turner’s defiance of a 4-3 vote allowing people to speak at Puyallup’s council metings began in September (the same time as Harris’ tirade) ? Harris now the subject of a recall vote. Turner is escaping before her’s becomes necessary.

  2. Jim Malone

    And the mayor, what a doofus

  3. Robert Lord

    Mrs. Martineau, for one so new to politics seems to have quickly acquired most of the qualities that make politicians so abhorent to citizens.

    To call her a representive of district 1 is a joke. To date she has exhibited a disdain for openess of government. In the Spring of 2010, she, along with Mayor attempted to sponsor council rules changes to censor citizens comments about their council members performance.

    She has not advocated for infrastructure improvements which citizens of her district have been vocalizing as a need. She is often rude toward citizens and sides with members on the council who clearly are not interested in addressing needs of their constituency.

    Saying that Jeanne Harris is Mrs. Martineau’s role model is very close to the mark of reality.

    In November of 2011, citizens should consider carefully whether or not Mrs. Martineau deserves their consideration when voting for their reprsentatives on the council.

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