The McLean-Up Continues

The city of Puyallup is about to lose $976,000 in state money for the 9th St. SW project because it did not follow the plan they submitted to the state to get the money.  You can read the article from the News Tribune here.

The changes to this plan were in full-swing when former City Manager Gary McLean resigned in early April.  This left current city manager Ralph Dannenberg with a mess to clean up, or as it’s called in Puyallup ,McLean-up.

When negotiations with property owners failed and lawyers for the city recommended discontinuing the eminent domain proceedings and paying off the property owners for the vegetation removed and “rental” of their land, citizens and some council members warned about the problems this could cause.

You can view the video of this discussion by clicking here and going to the 01:19:50 time of the meeting.  It was asked point blank whether or not the city could lose funding for this change and the council was told it could not.  More questions were asked about how this change will look to the boards and committees who dool out state funds.  More concern surronded around how this change affects the property owners who have suffered through months of work in and around their property.

Dispite the concerns, council members Turner, Brouillet, Martineau, Malloy and Boyle voted to end the process and move forward with the changes to the plan.

Now, that vote could cost the city close to $1 million.

Road money given, taken away [Tacoma News Tribune]



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2 responses to “The McLean-Up Continues

  1. Chris Johnson

    Why blame the council? Shouldn’t the engineers in Public Works be to blame in some part for changing an approved plan set without formally consulting with the agency providing the funding? And why is Public Works constructing projects without first obtaining property? This is how you get in this sort of mess, by prepping for construction without property acquistion completed.

  2. Steven Shores

    The ultimate responsibility for any decision lies with the current council and previous city manager. They gave final approval. It was said at a council meeting that there is also land under or near the new Shaw Road overpass that is either in the right of way or has been built on that has not been purchased by the city yet. Could this become a mess also?

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