Your Landfill Fee Is Going Up

During last night’s special meeting/study session, the City Council approved the purchase of bonds to cover the $2 million legal settlement agreed to by the council last year.

By a 5-2 vote, the city will purchase bonds that will be paid off in 10 years by raising each residential customers landfill charge on their utility bill by $1.19.  They will raise commercial businesses landfill charge by $13.91.

For residential customers, this amounts to $184 additional over the 10 year time period.

Mayor Turner, Deputy Mayor Brouillet, and Councilmembers Malloy, Martineau, and Boyle voted in support of the plan.  Councilmembers Hansen and Knutsen voted against. 

Councilmembers Hansen and Knutsen voiced opposition to this plan because they felt that this mistake should not be placed back on the citizens.  They prefered the money be borrowed from within the city’s budget, rather than add additional costs onto the citizens.

You can read more about this from the Tacoma News Tribune.



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2 responses to “Your Landfill Fee Is Going Up

  1. Lewis E. Pugh Jr

    I see where the Puyallup City Counsel voted 5-2 for the citizens of Puyallup to pay increase Landfill fees to pay off the 2 million dollar lawsuit agreement by raising their landfill fees and using bonds for 10 years. The records clearly showed that there were problems with the landfill, prior to the building permit being issuer in 2004.Maybe its time for the state to investigate this landfill problem to insure no profits were made on the backs of our citizens, especially since building permits have already been issuer for more housing closed to the same landfills.

  2. John Hopkins

    My biggest annoyance with this whole fiasco has been the lack of information coming from City staff .Mr Craigs presentations were misleading and actually included a $150,000 padding.It took great efforts by the watchdogs to pry this information out.When revealed the bond price dropped.Also absent has been property explainations of the cause of the problem.It is not as simple as the Mayor likes to spin it.The problem has been known for twenty years and yet still permits were issued.
    The real truth has been buried much like the old garbage was.Further law suits may follow.
    At least Mr Morrow made a better presentation at the last meeting.This was probably ordered by Mr Dannenberg

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