Letter: Attack on Citizen Uncalled For, Unwarranted

(To see the video of this, click this link then go to the Mayor’s Report or click to the 02:19:20 time stamp) 

At the end of the January 4 council meeting, Mayor Kathy Turner and Councilwoman Nicole Martineau took it upon themselves to reprimand citizens for requesting public information, in particular singling out one citizen: Mr. Bob Lord.  Mr. Lord, or any citizen is allowed to request public information through the United States Constitution, Washington State Constitution, and the Open Public Meetings Act.  The fact that he was chastised for seeking answers is both disturbing and disgraceful.  To make it worse, let’s examine who Mr. Lord is:

-A graduate of the University of Nebraska with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics.  

-A decorated Air Force Combat Fighter Pilot who flew 166 missions over Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

-A former Air Force pilot instructor, squadron commander, and supervisor of flight operations of 150 aircraft.

-A retired aircraft Instructions Design Engineer, a job he held for 20 years.

If anything, Mayor Turner and Councilmember Martineau should be thanking Mr. Lord for his service to our country, not berating him for exercising his rights, rights he risked his life defending.

I say thank you to Mr. Lord, and all others who have fought for my right to know what my government is doing.

David Couch, Puyallup



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3 responses to “Letter: Attack on Citizen Uncalled For, Unwarranted

  1. S. Johnson

    This continuation of arrogance to the residents /tax payers in Puyallup needs to trigger a movement by the citizens. There are only (TWO) councilmen , Hansen and Knutson that have the best interest of the community in there sights. Is there a reason why people on the streets of Puyallup are referring to the Mayor as “Nancy Pelosi” of Puyallup.

  2. Steven Shores

    S. Johnson, you are exactly right. Taxpayers need to accelerate this movement to speak their thoughts. Those reading about or listening to these antics, please come to a meeting or two and speak your mind regardless of the position you take. It is your right. This is your city too. Others will support you. Misery loves company. Don’t be intimidated by the mic or the council. And if you are one of those who the Mayor played the intimidation card for you, let us know…we’ll stay home a meeting or two so you can have a safe and secure turn at the podium. How can you refuse an offer like that?

  3. John Hopkins

    Everyone agrees that this is a great letter.
    Mrs Martineau is increasingly revealing her temperement.She appears to have an inability to listen or even pay attention.It’s very much like an A.D.D.S.sufferer.She has stated that she is not interested in the past.I am not sure she is interested in the present.She relies on the Mayor to get her through all meetings as quickly as possible.Did you notice the passing of the note during the last meeting.She clearly can’t handle the work.Regarding the email reading offer by the mayor ,I believe that almost everyone would be intimidated by her proximity .That is not a solution.

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