Letter: Some on Council Still Don’t Get It

With the political upheaval in our country and state at present, you would think politicians would behave in alignment with the wishes of the citizens. Well, not in Puyallup.

The City Council voted (against the wishes of the people) to change the start times of council meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. The 7 p.m. start time reasonably accommodated working people, people with families, and people who commute to attend the meetings. Apparently the council thought this was not reasonable.

The council also voted against allowing the citizens the right of referendum. Then there’s the issue of the landfill settlement. The city will acquire $2.5 million of new bond funding when the public works budget has a current reserve of $10 million, easily enough to cover the cost of settlement. This only adds to the issue of non-voter-approved debt being astronomically higher than voter-approved debt.

And how about the council’s behavior before/during the Puyallup Fair’s attempt to rezone 200-plus acres of property from low/high density residential to “Events Center?” This attempt was made without any notice to, or input from, the affected citizens. Only after the backlash from the citizens was the proposal abandoned.

I would think Mayor Kathy Turner and council members Tami Brouillet, Nicole Martineau, Don Malloy, and Kent Boyle would take heed and start listening to their constituents.

Michael Garrett, Puyallup

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