Noise From Church Distrubing Neighborhood

Residents whose homes are near the Foursquare Church in Puyallup have been dealing with excessive noise from the church for 10 months, with no end in sight.

The neighbors have been attending City Council meetings for months hoping for support from the city, councilmembers, and police.  The city attorney says that her office is working with police, development services, and others to help resolve this issue.  If we had to deal with the noise, it wouldn’t be fast enough.

The church is just as guilty as anyone.  The neighbors have had little communication with the church, their phone calls and emails not returned.  The city attorney at the last council meeting had this to say about communication with the church on this issue, “It’s been quite a lot to get the people at the Foursquare Church to talk, have dialogue, communicate with the city.”

We sent an email to the church last week and have yet to hear a response.  It’s very disappointing that this type of situation exists because there are no winners.  The neighbors have to deal with extra noise and the church earns a reputation as not caring about its neighbors, whether that’s true or not.  Simple communication with the neighbors and open dialogue should solve this issue.  No one should be subjected to dealing with excessive noise in their own home.

We hope the city can find a solution to this problem for the neighborhood as soon as possible.  Helping its’ residents shoud be the Number One priority!



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2 responses to “Noise From Church Distrubing Neighborhood

  1. John Hopkins

    This is interesting.
    We have a reasonable group of neighbours who expect quite enjoyment.It’s not like they moved to SeaTac and are complaining about the noise.
    We have a church led by a pastor who has frequently stressed the need to be obedient to all rules…Give to Caesor etc.
    We have a city staff who are well versed in the rules and regulations and very capable of mediating a solution .
    We have a Council and particularly the district representatives who no doubt would like an amicable solution.
    I could expand on each of these points but you get the idea ….all are motivated [or at least should be] to solve the problem and yet months later the aggravation continues.
    i don’t think we know the whole story

  2. Chris Johnson

    This post is somewhat ambiguous; what part of the city’s noise ordinance is being violated exactly? What kind of noise are we talking about? Has anyone actually reviewed PMC 6.16 to see if the city has any actual authority to open a code compliance case? Generally, most noises produced during daytime hours is exempt… Just a thought.

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