New Features at PuyallupNow

We wanted to let everyone know about two new features here at PuyallupNow.

First, we have added a poll on the right hand side of the page.  Do you support term limits for city council members? Yes or No.  Please take the time to vote.

Secondly, at the top of the page, next to the Contact tab we’ve added a new tab titled, Voting Record.  Click on that page to see a comprehensive voting record for all councilmembers.  This resource shows you to see whose votes align with your beliefs and who is advocating for you.

We will update the voting record to include both future meetings and past meetings as time allows.

And a big thank you to everyone who is reading the site, readership is growing by the day and we appreciate your eyes!


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3 responses to “New Features at PuyallupNow

  1. Kim Woolhouse

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed and making it easy for citizens to give their 1.38 cents worth!

  2. Steven Shores

    Great to see more people reading. Those who do, please follow that up with attendance at the council meetings. There are many more seats available. The meetings are so very different live than on TV or your computer. You can see the subtle body language, side conversations and all sorts of behavior that helps you understand who is really representing you and who is not. There is a pulse in the room that changes with each topic. Don’t rely of a few to get up and speak for you. Your voice is greatly needed. Only large numbers of citizens speaking on an issue seems to get the council members to listen. Some members are now playing the “intimidation card” saying the few who often speak are intimidating the “silent majority” who channel their desires through some council members (like Ramtha through J.Z. Knight) and are too affraid to speak at the podium, write a letter to the editor or reveal themselves in any way. Right! I believe that…NOT

  3. Debbie Carling

    Thnaks for the update on voting. Keep up the great work.

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