Once Again, Council Slaps Citizens in the Face

If you are planning on attending any Puyallup City Council meetings in the future, better plan on picking up some McDonald’s on the way.

Despite numerous citizens asking for the meeting start time to be returned to 7 pm, and no one speaking in favor of 6 pm, a vote of 4-3 kept the meetings at the inconvenient time of 6 pm.

Mayor Turner, Deputy Mayor Brouillet, and Councilmembers Martineau and Boyle voted to keep the 6 o’clock start time citing no drop in attendance, earlier convenience for staff, and, according to Brouillet, “no one spoke out against it,” even though numerous citizens had spoke against it a mere hour earlier.

The fact is, on average, the same citizens regularly show up at council meetings and they were the ones who wanted it at 7.  Anyone else who doesn’t attend the meetings or watches them on TV doesn’t care when they start because they will be on TV at the same time no matter what.  So, this was the perfect opportunity to listen to the people who attend and be a representative of the people, you know the thing they were elected to do.

Not only did the those four slap the face of the citizens who attend the meetings, but Mayor Turner took it a step further, claiming that some residents who may have supported 6 didn’t come because of intimidation.

Mayor Turner has said a lot of garbage up on that dias, but that comment may be the most ridiculous.  People are intimidated by others speaking at a podium?  Come on, get real. 

Thank you to Mr. Malloy, Mr. Hansen, and Mr. Knutsen for listening and voting as a representative of the people, not as self-serving advocates for yourself.



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3 responses to “Once Again, Council Slaps Citizens in the Face

  1. Chris Johnson

    I’m surprised it was the oldest members of council who supported a later start time! Maybe the early bird special at Sizzler got pushed closer to 6pm or maybe Matlock is on later or something…

  2. John Hopkins

    Once again decision making has been based on the yardstick of more power or less power.In their minds they have beaten the “critical minority”,and also reduced possible attendance by more people who also could be critical….a double victory.Actually its a double victory for those who want the egomaniacs gone. Firstly all the “critical ones” will come anyway and the reduced attendance will make them appear to be more of a majority.Secondly each anti citizen vote makes writing campagn literature astoundingly easy.We should cheer their shortsightedness

  3. Steve Shores

    The FACT is that six on that council (the ones who can speak relatively coherently) constantly debate and rebut each other so intensely that the meetings take way too long. If they would stick with the issues, quit trying to convince each other to hop the fence and quit campaigning, the meetings would be finished at a reasonable hour and we could all go home. You don’t see such futile debates going on at other city meetings time after time again.

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