Solving the Sounder Issue: It’s Going to be Expensive!

Anyone who owns a downtown business, shops downtown, or simply tries to commute through downtown knows that the Sounder station has created a huge mess and can now be deemed a massive mistake.

commuters are using the Sounder for its exact purpose, but are clogging streets with their cars, not allowing shop owners and customers to park near the store they are heading to.  After work, tired workers race to their cars to get home to their families, which is completely understandable.  The thought that commuters would stop to shop or eat after work isn’t a reality.

That’s the problem with the current location and the current usage.  It’s not a unique problem, Sumner is experiencing the same thing. 

The good news: We’ve got the solution.

The bad news: It’s going to be expensive and take the cooperation of a bunch of people and agencies.

Here’s the solution: Purchase land near the new Shaw Road Extension to be used by both Sumner and Puyallup commuters, build a terminal and massive parking lot, and reroute all of the early morning and late afternoon trains there for pickup and dropoff.

After completing this project, keep the current stations open but only for mid-day and weekend trains.  This still allows people to leave from downtown Puyallup to go on a day-trip to Seattle or to watch the Mariners or Seahawks.  It relieves the congestion of parked cars of commuters from other cities using our valuable street space for nothing more than commuting.

But, like we said, this is going to cost a lot of money and require the cooperation of a lot of people.  When this idea was brought up in the past, some Puyallup councilmembers scoffed at the idea, preferring to keep things the same.

We believe if you talk to downtown business owners and shoppers, this idea would be a big hit.



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2 responses to “Solving the Sounder Issue: It’s Going to be Expensive!

  1. John Hopkins

    Knutsen and Hansen have supported this idea in the past.The obstacles are the Mayors of both Cities.Remember that Enslow is high up in Sounder,and that Turner is never wrong.
    Puyallup shopkeepers will support anything that gets their parking back.They all know that the commuters are non contributers to their economy.

  2. Chris Johnson

    Ha, hilarious. This entire blog is built on the concept of smaller government, less spending and now it is advocating for a huge capital facility improvement project that would literally cost tens of millions of dollars and require cooperation of multiple jurisdictions and public agencies. Instead, why not advocate for measures that would encourage people to use alternative modes to access the station, such as bus or bike, and tighter parking controls to reduce spill over impacts on street (which are minimal anyway since most of DT is time restricted). Sound Transit has hundreds of satellite parking spaces at the Red Lot and the South Hill park and ride that are not being fully utilized, despite direct pierce transit service in line with the commuter rail arrival/departures. Limiting parking supply in the core could promote better use off site.
    Or how about economic development that would cause a rail commuter to actually stay and shop in downtown? Do you really expect people to buy antiques when they get off the train?

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