Remembering George

Today marks the one-year anniversary of George Dill’s passing. 

We miss George very much.  He was a thoughtful, respectful citizen and councilmember.   He is missed by so many in the community, from the food bank, to the VFW, to the residents of District 1.

George knew what pubic service and being a councilmember meant.  He opened his ears and listened to what people wanted in his district.  He truly was a representative of the people.

It’s always been clear that no one would be able to replace George.  We only wish his replacement would have at least tried.

Take the time today to stop and remember George Dill.  Puyallup was a better place with him.


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2 responses to “Remembering George

  1. Steven Shores

    George was constantly asking for citizens’ opinions. I remember the first time I met George. He heard we were having issues with our neighborhood street, sewer and storm drains. I spoke with him briefly on the phone about the issues, and no more than hung up the phone and he was knocking on my door. He had brought me copies of some printed information that related to our street, etc. As the years progress, George became more and more involved with our needs as well as other in the down town area. All we had to do is let George know we had questions and he would initiate getting the answers. We never had to ask him to do so, he just considered that it was his duty to help us as much as he could. He was outnumbered many times during council votes, but he kept on trying, debating the issues and asking for service that truely served citizens first. Something he used to say made me laugh. When discussion or votes turned to issues that didn’t really serve citizens, he would say, “Sillyness, just pure sillyness.” I miss George tremendously.

  2. Dave & Jan Davis

    George was to us a man who cared alot about his community and the people who lived in it. We had invited him to meet with us and our neighbors regarding the severe water/flooding issues in our neighborhood and to discuss with us the possibilities of getting help from the city. He did not tell us that we were not in his district, which we first thought he was, but, instead, he came and involved two other city employees to help answer our questions. We give credit to George for his honesty to say that what we needed would not happen right away and he encouraged us to keep seeking answers and work with the council. He checked on us during the flooding in 2007, showed a genuine desire to help with additional information and continued to be interested in our progress.

    We had the immense pleasure to know him as a quiet man who was loaded with integrity. It is hard to believe that he’s been gone a year now – it’s still heard to believe that he’s gone. He is greatly missed.

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