Letter: Council rejects Initiatives, rejects Citizens

In reference to the Tacoma News Tribune Article (Puyallup rejects initiatives) by Sara Schilling Nov 11 2010

The news article was a little misleading. It should have read (Puyallup City Council rejects initiatives). It should now be obvious by the citizens of Puyallup that the present City Council members who rejected initiatives could care less about what the citizens want. As stated in the news article, initiatives allow residents to propose new ordinances while referendum give then the chance to nullify ones that are already on the books. As stated by councilmember Knutsen, the public should have a choice, which I fully agree.

Lewis E. Pugh Jr

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One response to “Letter: Council rejects Initiatives, rejects Citizens

  1. John Hopkins

    The Council spin was ludicrous in particular Mr Boyle’s.
    The reality is that very few Initiatives make to vote.Half of those that do are rejected by the voters and the rest declared illegal.
    Risk to the City is effectively zero.
    What is clearly demonstrated here is that all votes by the “majority” Council are measured against the yardstick of more or less power for Council.
    The “minority” uses the yardstick of representation.

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