Citizens Be Damned, By a 5-2 Vote

At last night’s meeting, two resolutions were brought before the council in an attempt to bring more transparency and openness to Puyallup.

The first resolution was to change the council meeting start times back to 7 pm, a more manageable time for working citizens.  Any citizen who works an 8-5 job has a hard time getting home, fixing and eating dinner, saying hi to the spouse and kids, then getting out the door for a 6 o’clock start. 

Starting at 7 gives residents more time to do those things and make it to their meeting!  Despite citizen comments against the change, the council voted to approve the 6 pm start time in a 5-2 vote.  Mayor Turner, Deputy Mayor Brouillet, and councilmembers Martineau, Boyle, and Malloy voted for it.  Councilmembers Hansen and Knutsen voted against it.  A shame!

Next, was a resolution to give citizens the powers of initiative and referendum.  Essentially, citizens could petition a measure onto the ballot by gathering 15% of the registered voters signatures in the city using an initiative.  They also could repeal or amend a law by gathering that same amount of signatures by using the power of referendum.

This has been something that residents, along with councilmembers Hansen, Knutsen, and the late George Dill have been pushing for for a long time.  This gives citizens another avenue for their city and their government.  

Instead of enacting this common law, which by the way can only be used for certain measures, plus it is extremely hard to gather that amount of signatures, the council decided to deny residents once again.

By that same 5-2 vote, the push for initiative and referendum went down.

Another city council meeting, another night of the wants of the residents be damned.


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One response to “Citizens Be Damned, By a 5-2 Vote

  1. John Hopkins

    When i heard about this, it just made feel sick. I thought we were making some progress getting the Council to listen to the concerns of the Citizens.But any time “Their Power” is threatened in any way, they revert to the appalling tyranical methods of the past.They truly believe that they know best, and we are incapable of giving informed opinions .The Empress and the glove puppets no longer surprise me ,but Boyle and Malloy should know better.SHAME.

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