Help Clarks Creek

The City is partnering with many other agencies, organizations, and citizens to help clean up and preserve Clarks Creek.

It is one of the most beautiful parts of town and a great asset to our community.  As someone who lives close to it, I love walking along the creek and through the park.  It is like its own little hide-away in our city.

The clean-up is needed for many reasons: helping the salmon, reducing flooding, controlling elodea that grows in the creek, and many more.  It is so important for the future health of the creek and its’ neighbors.

If you live along the creek, please see the flier below and do whatever you can to help this process.  If you don’t live near it, but would like to help contact Ann Coon or Tim Parham for more information.  The contact information is in the link below.

Here is an informational flier for more information.


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3 responses to “Help Clarks Creek

  1. Dave Churchman

    I just find this whole issue infuriating. At last week’s city budget meeting, the acting parks director stated that he is relying on volunteers to do much of the work in the parks and prisoners for almost all the work in the cemetery to meet minimal requirements.

    This while the underachievers still maintain their jobs in the planning, legal, emergency management and HR departments with no pay or benefit loss.

    Something is very wrong with that picture.

  2. John Hopkins

    I lived by the creek actually within spitting distance of our illustious Mayor ,who even had a hot tub [not a cauldren] overlooking the water.A nice area with numerous great trails.
    Almost on the same subject ..What is going on with the Flooding Study?Are we going to forget about the last evacuation of district one? Isn’t this supposed to be a wet winter.Surely this is a priority for all of us Low Lifes

  3. Dave Churchman

    Mr John;
    You as a Brit, know what a “Quango” is. That is the how the study is being run. So don’t expect any action until the next great flood. If it is really bad and lives are lost, the “Quango” will request Federal dollars and request that they (the Feds) put pressure on the Tribe to allow dredging (the only viable solution).
    Until then, in the words of Richard Dreyfus on Jaws “you are gonna need a bigger boat”.

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