Mayor Tuner’s 2010 DC Expense Report

Mayor Kathy Turner flew to Washington DC again this year to lobby officials back there for future funding.  She went as both a representative of the City of Puyallup and the Association of Washington Cities, which she is currently President.

Her expenses were charged and paid for by the AWC.  Here is a copy of her expense report, obtained from the newly public entity, the AWC.

We’ll continue to try and bring transparency to all things with Puyallup politics.


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One response to “Mayor Tuner’s 2010 DC Expense Report

  1. Dave Churchman

    From memory, the City Manager at the time (Gary McLean) also tagged along on this boondoggle. Unfortunately, his expenses were covered by the City of Puyallup. Council member Knutsen at the budget review last week suggested cutting back on such trips and expenses in the future. However, while the current mayor is in office, the status quo will be surely be maintained for any visits to Washington DC (as Mr Turner accompanies the mayor so they can then visit the mayor’s daughter). Your tax dollars at work.

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