Fixing Budget Should Start With Council

Everyone, from the city manager, the mayor, council members, and the public have said that in order to make up this budget deficit Puyallup needs to find small savings that will add up to big savings.

How about starting with the City Council’s expenses.  Expenses for things like travel to Washington DC, meals, hotels, internet access from their homes.

Through Public Disclosure, we have received the council’s expenses for 2009. Here is the first page.  And here is the second page.

As you can see, over $23,000 were spent.  Quickly going through the bills, we discovered $200 charged by George Dill, $400 charged by Rick Hansen, and $0 charged by John Knutsen.

The rest of the money, $22,000+ was either charged by Kathy Turner, Don Malloy, Mike Deal, or Tami Brouillet.

It’s about time the council walked the walk and started cutting their own amenities.



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3 responses to “Fixing Budget Should Start With Council

  1. Dave Churchman

    The mayor has an affinity to represent affiliations and attend conferences for women only (as illustrated in the expense listing). This way, the mayor and her deputy can exclude the male members of the council from participating in their extravagant boondoggles. Very very convenient.

    • Randy Cutter

      Deputy mayor has quite an appetite. I counted 11 meal expenses in one day. I think alot of the smaller amounts were snacks. Snacks could be for out of your own pocket, because whether you are snacking at home or D.C. you should pay for it yourself. When I was working and had to go out of town I had a company credit card which was for transportation, lodging, & 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Any snacks was on my dime.

  2. John Hopkins

    The amount of money claimed has a direct correlation to the degree of self-serving of each council member.
    Extremes of the personality spectrum would the humility of a Ken Martin versus the ambition of Kathy Turner.In Mr Martin’s case the driving force was to serve the public by making moral and ethical decisions.Our current Mayor only cares about herself and accumulation of power .

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