Malloy Changes Vote, Stops Study on Court

For no stated reason, Councilmember Don Malloy switched his vote from the last council meeting, leading to a 4-3 vote to NOT study the possibility of moving the municipal court to city hall.

We’re unsure what prompted the change of heart, but the initial thought is this:

He knew that his vote last meeting to put it on the agenda really meant nothing.  It allowed the council to discuss and vote on the issue.  He also knew that he could vote against it, it would lose, and the debate would be over without any study being conducted.

A shrewd move by a veteran councilmember.  Part of what happens when you are in office for 15+ years.


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One response to “Malloy Changes Vote, Stops Study on Court

  1. John Hopkins

    I think he was wavering.
    Perhaps if the study were to include the City yard building ,or the old Council chambers at Main and Meridian he might have been receptive.
    Perhaps Mr Knutsen could have been more receptive to compromise
    Being intractible is forcing Mr Malloy into the Wiches Coven.
    Failure to compromise is costing the City on this and other issues such as term limits

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