Who Said It? Volume 2

How Who Said It? works: We’ll give you a quote and you try and guess who said it.  After you’ve guessed, click the Keep Reading button below to reveal the answer and see how well you know your elected officials. 

“I was there [in the courtroom] as an observer, as a member of the city. I am there as a city representative, understanding the lawsuit.”

This statement was made by Mayor Don Malloy at the September 29, 2009 city council meeting, regarding the lawsuit between Councilmember Knutsen and now-former city manager Gary McLean and city attorney Cheryl Carlson.  The comment was made at the 24:05 mark of the video see here.

Now, here’s the problem.  Legal billings from the attorneys hired to represent McLean and Carlson show bills from the lawyers to the city for time spent conferencing with the mayor about the case.  So, if he was a neutral third-party, why was he involved with their lawyers?  He didn’t confer with Knutsen’s lawyers.

See the billings here, the second page, second line item from the bottom.

Who hired these lawyers to represent McLean and Carlson?  Well, it was none other than Malloy himself, see right here. Oh, and guess who paid these bills?  Us, the citizens. 

This is a major problem in Puyallup, elected officials being dishonest with the public.  But this case is especially bad, considering the fact that he was being dishonest while trying to keep damaging information hid from the public’s eye along with the city manager, city attorney, and the rest of the old “gang of four.”


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  1. Dave Churchman

    OK, so 4 on the council have put the final nail in this opportunity for the forseeable future. So, what is the grand plan to fill City Hall then ? The Mayor spouted off last night that the City Manager had relocated a large number of city employees to Subway Towers. Turns out it was only 6 employees. Big deal ? If they are not going to make good use of the place, move the 66 employees to the South Hill Public Works Yard and sell City Hall to Good Sam.
    On the subject of “deals”, the letter in the Herald and TNT blog by Deal’s daughter was in character. After all, it was the “penguin” who stuck us with this $40M lemon and of course also voted on his own condo tax abatement. Deal now has to send out his family to do his dirty work. Typical gang-of-four tactic !

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