Association of Washington Cities (AWC), President Kathy Turner Now Subject to Public Disclosure

The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) is a private organization that includes all of Washington’s 281 cities.  They provide many services to the cities and towns it serves, as well as the councilmembers who are part of those cities. 

This year, Puyallup’s Mayor Kathy Turner, was elected the new President of the AWC. 

Now, the Superior Court has ruled that the AWC is subject to the Public Disclosure Act, meaning they must accept and fulfill public records request. 

Why is this a big deal?  Because the AWC fought for years to not allow public access, even though their organization acts like a governmental agency.  It makes you wonder why they want to keep everything hidden.

Here in Puyallup, we are very familiar with public records not being released.  Councilmember John Knutsen had to take the former city manager and current city attorney to court to try and get simple information from them.  (We’ll have a post about that and its’ cost soon.)

So, now the AWC must fulfill public information requests and another vail of secrecy is taken down.

Here is the judge’s ruling.



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2 responses to “Association of Washington Cities (AWC), President Kathy Turner Now Subject to Public Disclosure

  1. Dave Churchman

    The winds of change are closing in on Turner. The lies and deceit have been steadily unveiled this year. Twenty of years of dirty little secrets are being uncovered thanks to Public Disclosure, the internet, and new laws which are forcing transparency onto public elected officials.

    Now that the AWC has been declared a Public rather than a Private entity, next up will be Valley Arts being reclassified from their current “non profit” status to what they really are, a “Political Action Committee”.

    • John Hopkins

      Very True.
      Mrs Turner is the poster child for term limits.
      She started with vision for the city,but has now degenerated into a self-serving power hungry embarassment to our City
      Her megelamania has cost us millions.

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