Vote of No Confidence in City Attorney Isn’t Her First

Councilmember Rick Hansen made a motion to have a resolution of no confidence in Puyallup’s city attorney Cheryl Carlson brought before the council at its’ next meeting.  Councilmember John Knutsen seconded it. 

This isn’t the first city or council that has had a problem with Ms. Carlson’s work.  We’ve added Ms. Carlson’s termination information from the City of Tacoma back in 2007, received through public information. 

Click right here to see the termination papers.

So, she was fired from Tacoma, has been a disaster here in Puyallup, muffling numerous lawsuits and rulings at council meetings.  It is time for her to go.  A  vote of no confidence is needed, as well as a change.


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One response to “Vote of No Confidence in City Attorney Isn’t Her First

  1. John Hopkins

    The Puyallup legal department has ballooned in size from one attorney to four plus staff.Their performance has deteriorated to absolutely abysmal.Check out the Hogan case.Check out the Stanzel case.Their failure to negotiate, or even understand the word settlement, has cost the City millions.Couple that with moral bankruptcy and missing ethics, and you can see why she was terminated from Tacoma and why there are complaints to the bar.

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