Who Said It? Volume 1

This is the first in a new feature here at Puyallup Now.  We’ll give you a quote and you try and guess who said it.  After you’ve guessed, click the Keep Reading button below to reveal the answer and see how well you know your elected officials.

Here we go:

“The thing about [city manager] searches is they’re expensive, they’re very time consuming.”

Take your guess, then hit the button to see the answer.

“The thing about [city manager] searches is they’re expensive, they’re very time consuming,” said Kathy Turner, back in 2008 when the council hired Gary McLean as city manager.  If you remember, they hired him without public notice and against the wishes of 3 councilmembers.  Here is an article from the Tacoma News Tribune to refresh your memory and see the quote from Turner.

Isn’t it funny how quickly someone changes their thinking when the person in the interim spot doesn’t think exactly like them and follow their every command?  Now, we’re not advocating that interim city manager Ralph Dannenberg be the permanent guy for the job (although he has done a heck of a job since taking over) but rather wish the council would have saved the money of doing the search until the city was in better financial shape.

We all have seen and still are feeling the ramifications of the last hire.

City Attorney Gary McLean promoted to manager in Puyallup (Tacome News Tribune)


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One response to “Who Said It? Volume 1

  1. John Hopkins

    On the same theme …Who said
    “to avoid a conflict of interest we have an outside review”
    Hint …This is in response to Gary Mclean saying we send police reports out to Auburn and Bonney lake when involving our own officials
    Puyallup Herald 1-29-09

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