Are you interested in moving the Court to City Hall?

If you are, the council will be discussing the possibility of moving it to the 5th floor this Tuesday night.

The meeting starts at 6, a new start time effective this week.  Click here to see this week’s agenda.

Moving the court from its’ current leased space will save the city over $100,000 a year.  Citizens and council members Rick Hansen and John Knutsen have been pushing for this since the beginning of the year.  It has been halted largely due to longtime councilmembers Kathy Turner and Don Malloy, who say the building was not built to house the court.  Turner also claims that a study was done to show that it isn’t feasible to move it into City Hall, but has failed to share the actually “study.”

With the city in a $5 million deficit, we encourage anyone who is interested in saving $100,000 come down to City Hall, September 7, 6 pm and share their thoughts.



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3 responses to “Are you interested in moving the Court to City Hall?

  1. Steve Hastings

    Its time to get over what the City Hall building was originally built for, clearly things have changed dramatically. The Economy has changed for ever, the sky rocketing real estate prices are history, and were looking at 10 years maybe more before the average citizen of Puyallup will see the prices of 2006-07. The council has the responsibility to take every measure available to avoid tax increases to balance the budget. Site consolidation is one of the first things the council should be looking at because of it’s high dollar returns, and can allow the city to maintain its level of service without tax increases.

  2. Kim Woolhouse

    Let’s say I had a big house with one whole floor I could use in other ways that could save me over $8000 each month, but I had a lot of debt on top of my ill-planned situation that I wasn’t sure how to pay back unless I asked my neighbors to help bail me out. Would you let me do a feasibility to see how I could continue spending beyond my means and not use the space I have that could save me money? This is a no brainer.
    Whoever made the decisions to build the city hall without taking into consideration space for a courtroom, were perhaps not qualified visionaries and planners for this responsibility.
    I applaud Olympia City Hall for being able to build their city hall with almost twice the space (90,000 sq ft vs our 50,000 sq ft) for half the money ($400/sq yd vs our $800 sq yd).* And they took care of their municipal court too. Comparatively, Olympia’s team players are ahead of our game and fiscally more responsible than we are.

    *referencing from….

  3. John Hopkins

    Don’t forget, that when brought up recently, it was the votes of Brouillet and Martineau that combined with old guard of Turner and Malloy to instruct the Manager NOT to study a move.
    The same four have been the slowest to act on the impending deficit.Are they expecting the Budget Fairy?
    Poof : there isn’t a problem

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