Ezra Meeker Donated the Land But….

 Pioneer Park is no longer about him.  See, when Puyallup was becoming a city, founder Ezra Meeker donated the land that  is now Pioneer Park so that the citizens would have a beautiful park in downtown. 

Pioneer Park is still beautiful, but if you take a walk around and enjoy it you’ll notice a lot of other names beside “Meeker” plastered all around the park.

For years the majority of citizens have called the area around the park a “monument” to some of our recent and current councilmembers.  They are intent of leaving a legacy of themselves around Puyallup to show future generations “what they did” for the city.  A quick stroll around the park revealed the following:

Kathy Turner has her name on 8 plaques/bricks…………EIGHT!!!!!!

Mike Deal has his name on 6 plaques/bricks!!!!

Don Malloy has his name on 6 plaques/bricks!!!!

The Brouillet’s have their name on 6 plaques/bricks!!!!

Ezra Meeker has his name on 1 plaque.  ONE!!!!!

If any of these council members claim that Pioneer Park isn’t a monument to themselves, just show them the numbers.  You can lie about figures but figures don’t lie.

Click the keep reading button below to see pictures of the self-promotion.

Library Plaque

Mayor Turner's "book" at the library

Activity Center

Turner's name on the step of the stage

Brouillet's name on the stage

Their names on the back of the statue to the war veterans!!!!!

City Hall Plaque

Deal's Park Brick

Malloy's Park Brick

One of, not the only, of Turner's park bricks

Turner's other park brick

Pavilion Plaque

Finally, the ONLY plaque for the guy who donated the land! Sad, just sad.



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3 responses to “Ezra Meeker Donated the Land But….

  1. Dave Churchman

    A prediction. When the USSR was disbanded, most relics with Lenin’s name were destroyed or had their names changed. Similarly, within 12 months of Turner’s exit from City Hall, all such memorials and self-pontificating items will disappear for ever.
    Any bets ?

  2. John Hopkins

    Apparantly they don’t understand the mantra at parks…….
    “Leave no trace ,take only pictures”
    Personaly iwould be trying to get my name off City Hall Or as people call it Turner Towers, Turner’s Folly, Subway Towers…..
    It has become a joke. Double the size and 4 times a reasonable cost, and now the payments are a budget buster

    • John Hopkins

      I think you are being very unfair.There is one building that was built at a competative cost, serves a very usefull human purpose ,provides electricity for many small businesses ,and doesn’t even have one plaque .There isn’t a “sponsored by”, or a “dedicated to”, or a list of council members .Absolutely nothing, for the most functional of all the monuments ………..
      Unless Mr.Knutsen thinks that the John is referring to him…………[JOKING]

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