Letter: Puyallup Budget Crisis

Many concerned citizens have come before the Puyallup City Council requesting council members to consider budget savings ideas. One suggestion was to relocate the City Court to City Hall which would have saved thousands of tax dollars in rent cost. That was rejected.

Another suggested savings was not to provide funds to hire a search firm to find a new City manager, that too would have saved several thousands, especially since the interim City Manager was during an outstanding job. That too was rejected by the Mayor and several other council members .

It seems that some council members could care less about saving tax dollars as long as they have the power to raise taxes and /or lay off City employees. Come November, we the people will have our say to replace those who have ignored our opinions and place this City in a budget crises.

Lewis Pugh

District 1



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4 responses to “Letter: Puyallup Budget Crisis

  1. Dave Churchman

    The council has proudly stated repeatedly, that they set policy. Their policy is most to blame for the financial mess aided and abetted by a less than capable Finance Director (the construction of City Hall for just a start). The realization that there was a problem came 18 months too late.
    What could have been resolved with a few layoffs, will now take close to a “massacre” at City Hall. Fortunately the Planning and Legal departments are way over staffed and should absorb the biggest hit.
    Craig and the Council though will try to throw the responsibility onto the public with new taxes.
    The City of Puyallup is not a welfare program for the underemployed and unemployable.

  2. John Hopkins

    First they spend like drunken sailors [city hall etc]then they bump our property taxes via the fire charge etc.Then they continue to ignore the problem.
    Hats off to Ralph for trying to cut costs in the face of an out of touch Council.He is the only one who gets it.
    The council needs to look at the budget for 2001 and then dump the surplus staff like Mrs Carlson and half the planners

    • Dave Churchman

      John, comparing this council to drunken sailors is an insult, to drunken sailors.

      • John Hopkins

        Too true
        Drunken sailors spend their OWN hard earned money.Ours have morgaged our future …….without public input!…..NOW their mantra is “your opinion is important to us”
        ………..A bit late for that isn’t it.

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