Facts About the Rotary Stage

Thursday night concerts in the park are a favorite for many Puyallup residents.  They bring the community together and provide fun, free entertainment for families in these tough economic times.

The concerts are great, the stage is not.  The Rotary Stage cost you, the tax payers a lot of money.  It’s a concrete slab, with four posts, a roof, and some speakers.  We asked someone on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market how much they believed the stage cost to build, including design, construction, permits.  They guessed $30,000. 

Sorry, Sumner built their stage for $30,000, not Puyallup.

Puyallup’s stage cost $220,000!!!  Wait, let me say that again, $220,ooo for a concrete slab, four posts, a roof, and some speakers!  You could have built a two-story house for that much money.  In these times, when the city is $10 million in the hole, things like this show you exactly why they’re in such a deep hole.

Click the keep reading button to see the exact breakdown of the costs, provided by the City:

Conceptual Design: Mithun Architects, $13,545

Construction Drawings, Limited Construction Management: Stephen Dorsey, $17,000

Construction Cost: Nordic Construction $189,481.39

Grand Total: $220,026.39

Now the Rotary Club donated $50,ooo and Sam and Winifred Peach donated $25,ooo so the actual cost to tax payers was $145,026.39.

What a ridiculous waste of money when a movable, cheaper stand would have worked just fine and would have been available to use at Bradley Lake Park for people in District 3.

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One response to “Facts About the Rotary Stage

  1. Dave Churchman

    Only one council member voted against the expense of this monstrosity (the always cost conscious John Knutsen). Shame on the rest of them for approving this scam.

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