Consider Running For Council

Puyallup is looking for a few good men and women to be on its council beginning in 2012. It is not too early to consider running for Puyallup office, not at all. The past two city elections have typified what can go wrong and what does go wrong in Puyallup with its local electoral process. 

Three years ago, at the last moment, Rick Hansen switched his candidacy from the 2nd District to run for the At-Large position. This left Tami Brouillet, who was running to fill her husband’s seat, unopposed for both the primary and the general election. Ms. Brouillet has been a disaster for the past three years, misrepresenting the citizens of the 2nd District.  In effect, she has provided Turner a second vote on every issue.  Hansen, then going down to defeat to Turner by a handful of votes just exacerbated the fallout from that decision. 

Any prospective candidate should be honest with themselves before running, because after all, this is politics and some people will use any means to get what they want.  Make sure your employer is well aware of what you are doing, so vindictive tactics that have been used in the past don’t work again.

However, if you pass the “sniff test”, and have a desire to run, you are encouraged to engage with the group of potential supporters who most represent your goals. If you support fully open, fiscally responsible and transparent local government, consider running next year. The 2011 Primary is not too far away. 

Five of the seven council seats are up for election in November 2011. Four of these five are very much “up for grabs” to a worthy candidate.


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