City Hall: An Icon to Turner, Malloy, Brouillet, Deal Era

Here are the undeniable facts regarding Puyallup’s City Hall:
It cost $40M to construct.
It is approximately 50,000 square feet in size.
It currently holds just 60 or so employees.
Cost $800 per square foot.
A recent dialog with city management comparing City Hall to Bonney Lake’s new city hall was rebutted on grounds that Bonney Lake’s was not a fair comparison.  So a study was launched comparing Puyallup City Hall to Olympia’s which is near completion.Olympia’s population is slightly larger, 41,500, compared to Puyallup’s 33,000 per the 2000 census.
Here are the same facts on Olympia City Hall.
It will cost between $35 and $40M.
It is approximately 90,000 square feet in size.
It will hold 250 city employees.
Cost about $400 per square foot. 
Olympia also will move its current court, jail and city attorney staff into old city hall.
Puyallup unbelievably is still renting space from a private party for space to accommodate its Municipal Court.
The big question is “What on earth were Turner, Malloy, Deal and Brouillet thinking of when they approved this giant barely-used monolith that’s debt will weigh around the citizens of Puyallup’s necks for the next 30 years ?  It can only be explained by personal ego. And lets face it, those 4 egos could have filled the old Kingdome.

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One response to “City Hall: An Icon to Turner, Malloy, Brouillet, Deal Era

  1. Kim Woolhouse

    Thank you so much for printing the comparison study on what the (little used) Puyallup City Hall actually cost us. Very bad decisions which we now have to pay for until 2040.

    What was startling to me in this article, was the fact we are having to rent space from a private party for the use of our Municipal Court on top of the debt we already are paying for. This is obscene.

    Talk about fiduciary irresponsibility at our city local governments. The good news is people across the nation woke up to this problem after the national news did the story on “Bell, California” and are starting to scrutinize where our local tax dollars are going. I’m all for doing the same here in my hometown, Puyallup.

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