True Definition of Self-Serving

At the June 8 meeting Councilmember Don Malloy and Mayor Kathy Turner called Councilmember Hansen’s term limit proposal “self-serving.” Councilmember Hansen’s proposal was for 8 years on the council, then a mandatory 4 off, with the ability to run again for another 8 after that.  It allows all sitting members to run for city council again in their lifetimes if they choose.  This proposal is the opposite of self-serving. 

Which got us thinking, maybe Councilmember Malloy and Mayor Turner don’t know what self-serving is.  Luckily, we’ve been provided a few examples over the years.

Councilmember Malloy, as mayor,  hired an attorney to represent him and the rest of the council against Councilmember Knutsen in his lawsuit to get information.  He did this without the direction of the council, something he’s not allowed to do.  In fact, the very attorney he hired attended a council meeting and said that “everyone knows Mr. Malloy cannot hire me without the council’s consent.” He did it anyway.  That’s an example of self-serving.

Mayor Turner, on April 4, 2005  as mayor signed a resolution giving the condos across the street a 10-year property tax exemption.  Then, she went out and bought one of those condos as an “investment property”, which is now her residence.  10-years of reduced property taxes, some people would call that a “sweetheart of a deal,” another example of self-serving.

How about Mike Deal?  He isn’t on the council anymore but he is part of the reason this city is such financial trouble.  He voted to give those condos the tax-exemption.  Guess what he did?  Yep, he bought one to live in too.  Self-serving at it’s’ best.

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One response to “True Definition of Self-Serving

  1. Dave Churchman

    What are the odds that Malloy will also be moving into 400 S Meridian after the next election ? Also, will he pull a “Turner” by changing his District Representation and challenge Knutsen or run for Martineau’s District 1 seat in November 2011 ?

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